Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 8 - 2023

Principal News

A reminder that the last day of term is Friday 23rd June and dismissal will be at 2.20 pm.  There will be no assembly on this day, rather, teachers will be spending time with their students celebrating the success of term 2.  The last Assembly for Term 2 will be held tomorrow at 2:50pm.

School Council

Last night School Council met and we had a very enjoyable and productive meeting.  Again, thank you to the Council for making themselves available.  An issue we spoke at length about was the safety concerns we all have with our carpark situation.  We are hamstrung to a point however there are many things our community can proactively do to help with the safe running and safety of the children using the carpark.  Rather than change the format of the carpark, can all motorists please adhere to these simple guidelines for the safety of everyone. 

  • Use the entry and exit appropriately – do not enter through the exit gate.
  • When vehicles stop at the front of the school, children should only get out of the left hand side of the vehicle.
  • The drop off protocol is used for just that reason, children get out and head through the front gate, parents do not get out, turn the car off or walk children in – this halts the continuous movement of vehicles.
  • The library gate is not to be used as entry for children as cars should be stopping out the front of the school.
  • Children should not be walking through parked or moving vehicles in the carpark.

For the remainder of the term, I will be monitoring the safety of the carpark during and after school.  Another staff member will be doing ‘normal’ yard duty before and after school.  It is worth noting that most of us are using the carpark correctly, but it will only take one incident which could injure someone.  Thank you for your support.

Practice Evacuation – Monday 19th June

All staff and students will be briefed prior to Monday morning where we will be holding a practice evacuation procedure.  This is not out of the ordinary and all schools need to practice these once per term.  If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact me.


This semester, we will be holding our end of semester parent teacher interviews.  The interview day is Thursday, 22nd June and it is still a school day.  Classroom teachers will be involved in interviews from 11am – 6:30pm.  Staff not directly involved in interviews will be taking the students from 9 – 3:20 pm on a rotating system all day.  To book your interview please visit the Sentral portal.

Semester 1 Reports

All school reports will be sent out via the Sentral portal on Friday, 16th June at approx. 3pm.  It is essential that these are read with your child / children. 

Prep 2024 Enrolments 

We have begun taking many enrolments for Prep for next year – both from siblings of current students and from new families to Wallington. If you have a child currently attending 4-year-old kindergarten and are looking to enrol them for Prep 2024, please complete the enrolment forms which are available from the General Office or by CLICKING HERE.  Should you or anyone that you know is wanting a school tour, all they need to do is contact the school. 


Staff Professional Development

Berry Street Training is known for its commendable work in promoting trauma-informed teaching practices. Trauma-informed teaching acknowledges the impact of trauma on individuals and provides educators with strategies to create a safe and supportive learning environment for students who have experienced trauma.

One of the key strengths of Berry Street Training is its comprehensive approach to trauma-informed teaching. Their training programs emphasize understanding the effects of trauma on brain development, behaviour, and learning. Educators are equipped with the knowledge to recognize trauma-related behaviours and respond in a sensitive and supportive manner.

Berry Street Training also places a strong emphasis on building positive relationships between educators and students. They highlight the importance of fostering trust, respect, and empathy within the classroom, creating an environment where students feel safe to express themselves and engage in their learning.

Furthermore, the training provided by Berry Street incorporates practical strategies for implementing trauma-informed practices in the classroom. Educators learn techniques such as self-regulation exercises, trauma-sensitive discipline approaches, and mindfulness practices that can help create a calm and nurturing learning environment.

It is worth mentioning that trauma-informed teaching practices are increasingly recognized as essential in educational settings. By providing our teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills, Berry Street Training contributes significantly to fostering inclusive and supportive learning environments that promote the resilience and growth of students who have experienced trauma.


Lighting upgrade

Our school lights will be going through a ‘free’ upgrade.  This is a government rebate available to government schools.  We qualified so I took up the offer and the upgrade will be occurring this coming weekend.


Parents and Friends


Friday 16th June       Special Sushi Lunch Day
Friday 14th July        P&F Meeting 9am in Hall

Wonder Recycling Rewards 

It's that time of year again! Let's Recycle and be rewarded for our Children with Sports Equipment. Bring in any bread bags - they do not have to be Wonder brand bags. Our collection box is located outside the office.  Collections close on 7th of July.

Children’s Garden Club 

Meets every Tuesday Lunchtime.  We would love it if you could join us - all parents/grandparents/carers and toddlers most welcome. 
Follow "Wallington Primary Garden Club" on Facebook.

Stay up to date



Next Meeting

Next P&F Meeting Friday 14th of July, 9am in the school hall. 




Notice Board

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)  

Applications will soon be closing for parents and carers who are eligible to apply for the CSEF.  If you are a holder of a concession card and fit the criteria listed (CLICK HERE), please submit your application form (CLICK HERE) by the end of term 2 2023.  If you were eligible and received the CSEF last year and there has been no change to your circumstances, there is no need to submit an application this year.  For any questions please check with the office or send us an email at: wallington.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Bellarine Performing Arts

Our mission at Bellarine Performing Arts is to enrich the lives of young performers in a fun, safe and creative environment. Whether it’s expanding abilities or building confidence, we are here to enhance our community by providing theatre arts education, dance, musical theatre, vocal training and performance opportunities.
For more information and enrolments visit our website at:

Art Gallery


"This Term the 1/2‘s have been exploring Victoria Villasana and owls in Art! Victoria Villasana is a textile, installation and street artist. Through pattern, geometry and colour she weaves intricate visual stories which she draws inspiration from the craftsmanship and the textile traditions in Mexico and from across cultures. Victoria uses textiles in her own way though: “I want to honour these ancient traditions, but I do not simply want to copy them. I feel textiles are a tactile, comforting element in our psyche, from the pieces made by ancient cultures to the blankets our grandmothers used to make.”

Students explored this notion when drawing their own owls when taking inspiration from the picture storybook “Mopoke” by Philip Bunting, ‘Mopoke’ is the Australian nickname for the Southern Boobook, our smallest and most common species of owl. They are known for a love of peace and quiet, and their eponymous “mo-poke” call".




Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T



For always persisting with tasks. You get along well with others and always share and take turns when playing games.  Well done Myla!

Prep M



For your persistence in reading and Sounds Write. You always try your hardest and give everything a go independently. Keep it up Teddy!

1/2 S



For showing resilience  when coming into the classroom in the mornings. Well done Ollie and keep up the great work!

1/2 M



For persisting with your reading and writing and staying on task. You are working so hard and you should be proud of your efforts. Keep up the great work Angus.

1/2 B



For persisting with your learning, staying on task and trying your best. You have progressed so much this term and you should be proud of your efforts. Keep up the great work Jack!

3/4 KT



For persisting with your learning and trying again when you make a mistake. You have made great progress in your reading and your hard work is paying off. Well done George!

3/4 D


For showing great resilience in maths. You went into ‘The Learning Pit’ and didn’t give up trying. You are a maths superstar!


3/4 C



For showing resilience when working on subtraction problems in Maths. Your hard work is paying off, keep it up!

5/6 T


For showing great resilience during our writing sessions this week.  You have persisted with your work and written some terrific texts, both by hand and on the computer. Great effort Jhai, keep it up!

5/6 O



For showing great resilience by coming to school with a much more positive attitude and persisting with your work. Well done Oscar!