Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 3 - Week 3 - 2023

Principal News

Dear Families

It has been such a pleasure to meet with many more of you over the past week. Since arriving at Wallington, I have been struck by the level of support that parents show the school each day. Whether that be in the kind and respectful way parents/grandparents interact with staff or other families, or the incredible amount of parent helpers in classrooms we see each day; we really are very lucky to have such visible support around the school. We recognise that this is not possible for all families, who may have other commitments during the day, and appreciate that even speaking positively of school or the warm smiles that are on show at drop off/pick up really do go a long way in adding to the warm, inviting culture that has been created here at the school.

It is inevitable in any school there are bumps in the road and challenges that we need to navigate together. Yet, in my experience, if/when these bumps/challenges appear, when there is a strong partnership and mutual respect between school/home, we can always rely on each other to face any situation in a caring and respectful way, keeping the children’s learning and wellbeing at the heart and centre.

Please see below some photos of our wonderful School Garden from Tuesday this week.

School Camp – Grade 5/6

We wish our Grade 5/6 students, staff and parent volunteers all the best for the upcoming School Camp to Camp Kangaroobie in Princetown. Fingers crossed for fine weather!

This is an exciting opportunity for our children yet can also evoke many different emotions in the lead up. To support children to feel ready and confident, I recommend all families encourage their children to practise packing bags, rolling up and re-packing their sleeping bags and ensure students over the weekend have everything they need (special teddy, pillow, blanket) ready to go as early as possible. These little things can help build excitement but also ensure our children have less to worry about on camp as they know how to navigate any challenges they may face.


2024 Prep Enrolments – Transition to School

We are accepting enrolments for Prep in 2024. If you have a child due to commence school next year and have not yet enrolled, please contact the Office and complete enrolment forms (CLICK HEREby Friday this week (28/07). In addition, if you know of any other families who are looking to enroll their child/ren in 2024 please encourage them to contact the school. We will confirm enrolments with families by Friday August 11 as per the statewide Prep Enrolment procedures.

Once enrolments are confirmed/accepted, we will further communicate details of our Transition to School program including dates/events in Term 4.

Families are encouraged to meet the enrolment timeline above so that they continue to receive all forthcoming information so that we can best support your child/ren and family transition seamlessly. We are very excited to welcome our new Preps onboard!



Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents/guardians think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education that is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of families’ perceptions of school climate, student behavior, and student engagement. The survey is optional, but we encourage all families to participate. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

All families are invited to participate in the survey.

The Parent / Caregiver / Guardian Opinion Survey will be open from Monday 7 August to Friday 8 September 2023.

The survey will be conducted online, only takes 20 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the survey period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The online survey will be available in English and 10 other languages including Arabic, Greek, Hakha Chin, Hindi, Japanese, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The school will communicate the survey results via our Annual Report and a summary in the Newsletter once we receive the report from DET.  Last year we used the survey results to help determine our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) goals to further school improvement.

We look forward to learning about your experiences, what we are currently doing well and how we can continue to improve to best support the needs of our students and community into the future.

Please stay tuned for a communication forthcoming with the survey link.

Parents and Friends


Friday 11th August     P&F Meeting 9am in Hall

Wonder Recycling Rewards - EXTENDED

It's that time of year again! Let's Recycle and be rewarded for our Children with Sports Equipment. Bring in any bread bags - they do not have to be Wonder brand bags. Our collection box is located outside the office.  Collections close on 4th August.

Children’s Garden Club 

Meets every Tuesday Lunchtime.  We would love it if you could join us - all parents/grandparents/carers and toddlers most welcome. 
Follow "Wallington Primary Garden Club" on Facebook.

Stay up to date



Next Meeting

Next P&F Meeting Friday 11th of August, 9am in the school hall. 

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T



For allowing others to learn and for actively participating in our group reading.  Well done Blake!

Prep M



For being respectful to everyone in Prep M, you set a good example for everyone in class. You are respectful when listening to your teachers and use wonderful manners. Well done Elsie

1/2 S



For showing respect this week during instruction time on the floor. Your focus meant you were able to start your task quickly without confusion. Keep up the great work.

1/2 M



For showing respect to your classmates and sharing your equipment so that everyone can get started quickly. This  helps our classroom stay focused and on task. Keep up the great work. Well done Lucy!

1/2 B



For showing respect and fairness during class games and activities. You follow the rules and share equipment with others. Well done Archer. Keep up the great work.

3/4 KT



For showing respect to his peers during team bonding activities. You gave your team positive encouragement and respected the feelings of others when things weren’t going their way. Well done Nathan!

3/4 D


Foalways being respectful to both your peers and teachers. You are kind and considerate and have great manners. You are a star student! Congratulations Clancy.


3/4 C



For showing respect to your classmates when playing minute to win it games. You gave positive encouragement and celebrated others achievement. Keep up the great work Jaylen!

5/6 T


For doing a fantastic job as term leader. You were respectful at our assemblies and kept everything organised and running smoothly. You were and are a terrific leader Griff, keep up the positive attitude!

5/6 O



For always being respectful to both your peers and teachers. You are kind and considerate and always use beautiful manners.  You are a super star.  Keep being awesome Willow!

Notice Board

Friendly Reminder

All students in Grades 4-6 will be participating in the District Athletics on Wednesday 9th August at Landy Field in South Geelong.  Just a friendly reminder that the permission and payment of $10 to cover the cost of the bus are due by Monday 7th August.

Bellarine Community Support Register

The Bellarine Community Support Register, is a local non for profit community organisation, which supports the safety and independence of older and vulnerable Bellarine residents. It holds information and contact details provided by member residents that can be accessed by police in a personal emergency https://bellarineregister.org.au

There will be a membership drive – Beyond 3000,  on Monday the 7th August at the Ocean Grove Bellarine Training and Community Hub, 1 John Dory Dr, Ocean Grove. Below is an invitation.