Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 3 - Week 5 - 2023

Principal News

Dear Families

Yesterday, our Grade 4-6 students competed in the District Athletic Sports at Landy Field. Our students participated in a range of track and field events within their age group. They displayed outstanding sportsmanship and effort to ensure they and their peers strived to achieve their personal best and everyone enjoyed a good time. I’d like to extend a big thank you to our many parent helpers who supervised events and helped out throughout the day. Events like this are all the more successful when we have plenty of volunteers assisting. And, a big thank you to our staff, particularly, Mrs Naomi Young for her organisation of the event! A sensational effort!




Welcome back Lisa Macys

It is with great pleasure I share that Lisa Macys will be returning from leave next week. Lisa will be working with us three days per week. Lisa will be continuing the work of Bernie King in the Tutor Learning role as well as stepping in to support classes as required. We will be working over coming weeks to review our student learning data and needs which will be reflected in the tutor program offered at the school. This is always a fluid space as we adapt to the learning needs of our students. Parents will continue to be notified of their child’s involvement in the program as it evolves.

Grade 3/4 Camp to Anglesea

Next week our Grade 3/4 students head off on their camp to Anglesea. After the tremendous success of our Grade 5/6 camp, we are equally excited for our Grade 3/4s. We encourage students and families to start preparing early to ensure that any nerves and anxiety can be relieved as much as possible. Students hugely benefit from making lists, folding and packing their belongings (again and again) and even practising how to pack/unpack their sleeping bags too. Little things like this can make a big difference when they are away from home. It’s going to be a wonderful experience for the students!

Book Week – Character Dress-up Parade

Our school will be celebrating Book Week from the 21st-25th August. Throughout the week, children will be engaging in a range of activities to explore the Children’s Book Council of Australia short-listed books and other high-quality literature.

On Wednesday 23 August, we will be hosting our Annual Book Character Dress-up Parade. We encourage all children to come dressed up as their favourite book character. Parents, grandparents and younger children are also encouraged to take part in the event and come along to the parade in the morning. Further details/timings will be shared with families by the Book Week committee in coming days.

Playground Updates

In the coming weeks, we will be commencing works on our top playground to make way for the new Inclusive playground being installed throughout September. Our wonderful School Council President, Glenn Smethurst will be relocating some of our existing structures to the bottom end of the oval to make way for our new equipment. This will mean that our playground will be out of bounds and have temporary fencing around it for some time. Whilst this is not ideal, the long term gain and benefits for the children will make it all worthwhile!


We have had three plover eggs hatch down near our rotunda/school garden area. As the mother plovers are very protective of their young, and often swoop passers-by, this area is also out of bounds for safety reasons. Students will still be able to access the school garden by walking alongside the garden fence. We will continue to monitor this space to ensure it remains safe for everyone. See the following link for more information on how to understand and manage plover behaviour: Plovers (wires.org.au)


Parents and Friends


Friday 11th August     P&F Meeting 9am in Hall

Children’s Garden Club 

Meets every Tuesday Lunchtime.  We would love it if you could join us - all parents/grandparents/carers and toddlers most welcome. 
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Next Meeting

Next P&F Meeting Friday 11th of August, 9am in the school hall. 

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T



For always trying your best with everything you do. When something goes wrong you never let it get you down, you just keep on going. Congratulations Primmy!

Prep M



For challenging yourself with writing this week.  You have been working hard with learning new sounds and staying on task.  Well done Tyrie.

1/2 S



For challenging yourself this week in maths, especially on Tuesday when working out how many chickens and dogs there were in the problem solving task. You've worked really hard this week. Well done!

1/2 M



For being resilient during maths this week. You challenged yourself and kept on trying to problem solve with your partner. Keep up the good work Mickal. Well done!

1/2 B



For challenging yourself while writing your information report on yourself and staying on task. Well done. Keep up the great work Beattie! 

3/4 KT



For challenging yourself during maths, using your multiplication strategies and giving a problem a go before asking for help. Keep working hard and the rewards will be there. Well done Samuel!

3/4 D


For showing great resilience in the classroom and the school yard when playing games. You are a superstar student! Well done.


5/6 T


For showing how resilient you are by coming on camp and going to athletics, then having a go at some activities even though your arm is in plaster! What a fantastic attitude Paige, well done!

5/6 O



For showing resilience during our Athletics day. You had a go at everything and demonstrated great sportsmanship. You were supportive and encouraging towards  your teammates. Well done Thomas!

Notice Board

Small Containers and Box Donations

We are after any small containers and box donations to be used for activities in STEM.  Students can just drop them off at the STEM / Art room.


Jason Vaught

First Nations Studies