Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 4 - Week 7 - 2023

Principal News

Dear Families

Our children in Prep-3 have enjoyed a very busy week with the commencement of the swimming program. By all reports from staff, they have shown a wonderful attitude towards their lessons and have grown in confidence throughout the week. It can often take a couple of days for children to feel settled, understand the routines and develop a rapport with their instructor. Tomorrow is a well-deserved rest day from swimming before they return next Monday.


Playground Update

Many of you will have noticed that our new playground has progressed nicely over the last week and is very close to completion. I have received a lot of feedback regarding the size of the equipment and concern that there is not a lot of equipment for children to play on, especially compared to our previous playground that has since been removed. I completely understand these concerns and trust that the information below will help alleviate these concerns and continue to keep our excitement levels high!

Unfortunately, the cost of playgrounds over the last few years has increased significantly and to replace the previous structure in its entirety was far beyond the funding received from the Victorian School Build Authority and locally raised funds that have been contributed to the playground works.

However, we are extremely fortunate that our School Council President, Glenn Smethurst has been able to refurbish our ‘old playground’ and give it a new lease of life. He will be reinstalling this equipment over the summer holiday period (weather permitting) so that it is ready for the new year. The location of this works has been considered alongside the plans for our new school building works due to commence next year, too. It was important that we were aware of the scope of that works before we progressed with plans to install.

I can’t wait to see the new and improved structures and watch our children enjoy this wonderful play space for years to come.


Parent Helper Morning Tea

One of the biggest strengths of our school is the connection between school and home. I host many school tours and often receive comments about the number of parents helpers we have at the school at any given time. We are extremely fortunate to have such tremendous support for our kids, staff and programs here at the school. We honestly couldn’t do it all without you!

To share our gratitude, we are inviting all parents/carers who have been a parent helper at any time throughout the year to join us for a special morning tea here at school. This may be in the form of helping out in classrooms, school gardens, attending excursions, organising fundraisers, mowing lawns and so on. The list is endless! Please see the flyer below for details 😊


Class Structure 2024

After much consideration, the school has decided upon the structure for classes in 2024. When planning for classes the following year, schools must ensure that the average class size Prep-2 is 21 (or below) and providing that the whole school average is 26 and below. At Wallington Primary School, our school class sizes fall well below this expectation.

Prep-2 class size average: 18
Whole School Average: 22.5

Now we have our class structure, we will continue to plan for students into classes, staff into classes and location of homerooms and specialists across the school. These details will be shared with families in weeks to come.


Parents and Friends


Friday 8th December               9am P&F Meeting at Van Loon's Cafe

Christmas Family Picnic  

The Christmas Family Picnic on the 8th December 2023 is approaching fast.  If you would like your child to receive a present from Santa, please bring in a book only wrapped with a clear name and class label.  Parents are welcome to bring any siblings a book present as well for Santa to hand out.  Please leave these at the office. 

Stay up to date


Next Meeting

Next P&F Meeting will be on Friday 8th of December 9am at Van Loon's Cafe.

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T



For walking into the classroom each morning with a smile on your face.  You are focused and ready for learning. Well Done Tyler.

Prep M



For showing resilience this week at swimming. You persisted by staying in the pool and trying your best the whole time. Keep going Ty.

1/2 S



For setting a magnificent example this week during swimming when learning about new swimming techniques. Fantastic work Rio and keep up the fantastic work!

1/2 M



For showing fantastic listening skills during the swimming program and following the instructions given. Well done Angus, great effort!

1/2 B



For showing excellent resilience coming off the back of being unwell and powering through the swimming program with a smile on your face. Well done Beattie.

3/4 KT



For displaying resilience during swimming this week. You got into the water and gave it your best go. Keep up the fantastic work Elsie!

3/4 D


For showing excellent persistence and drive to keep trying in swimming lessons. Congratulations on showing such great resilience.


3/4 C

Cook (Vagg)


For making excellent choices in the yard. I am so impressed with the way you are handling yourself and any issues that arise in the playground. You should be very proud of yourself.

5/6 T


For always showing great resilience with your classmates and friends, both in and out of the classroom. You consistently show up and do your best, even when you’re unsure of something. Amazing attitude Ollie, keep it up!

5/6 O



For being resilient and bouncing back when issues arose. You took responsibility and were able to move forward.  Well done Chad, keep up the great work!

Art Gallery

Our Preps have been learning about mixed media art and how artists don’t always just use one medium (paint, drawing, clay etc). We looked at the clay work of Australian artist Shellie Christian, who likes to create sculptures of birds stacked on top of each other which can hang from the roof. Students used the inspiration from Shellie and learnt how to create textured backgrounds using gold paint and a variety of tools such as toothbrushes, skewers and forks to create marks through the paint. They then painted bird bodies using acrylic paint and for a mixed media touch, students cut out eyes, wings and tails out of a variety of fabrics and glued these on. They have turned out so wonderful and the students had lots of fun cutting the shapes out of the fabric.

Students in years 1/2 learnt about the art movement in Erub, Queensland where a village are trying to bring awareness to people about the dangers of leaving fishing lines and nets in the ocean and it's impact on the sea animals. In their efforts, they are making sea creature sculptures out of discarded fishing line so the students in years 1/2 chose to use wool to represent the fishing line and chose the animal they wished to represent. Using glue, they stuck the wool around the outline of the animal and will be sharing their stories with their artworks very soon.

Our year 3/4 students have started a new art piece that will be a mixed media project. So far, they have learnt about Australian artist Ashvin Harrison who draws in charcoal and adds a colourful splash whilst listening to music, covering the parts of his page that don’t need colour, then literally splashes paint over it to create lines and dots.

Students began the process of their artwork by listening to music and using a variety of techniques to create a page of abstract lines and splashes. They did not have any pre-conceptions of what was expected and were told to just ‘let go’ and whatever they create is the art. Next week these artworks will be a part of the whole artwork!

The year 5 skateboards are looking absolutely incredible and we cannot wait to show you! There are a few students that need one more week to finish them off then they will be up on display around the school - so keep your eyes open for them!

The year 6 graduation bears now have the black vest template cut out and are ready to start sewing! We will be doing a ladder stitch to keep the vest together and then students will be amending them to suit the size and shape of their individual bears.

First Nations Studies

Notice Board

Parent Payment Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please CLICK HERE for a copy of our Parent Payment Policy for 2024.  Voluntary Payments are being taken now via QKR, Efpos/BPay/Cash.  Please enquire at the office if you have any questions.  Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the Prep-Year 6 Requisites List.

Whole School House Sports Day

All students in Grades Prep-6 will be attending a Whole School Sports Day on Friday 1st December at Barwon Heads Village Park.  Children will be travelling by bus to and from Barwon Heads Village Park at a cost of $10.00 per child.  Notices will be sent home soon.  Please complete the permission form and return it together with the $10.00 before Wednesday 29th November.
Permissions are being sent home in hard copies as we are experiencing an issue with Sentral permissions.  We thank you for your patience whilst this is being rectified.

Lost Property Reminder

A friendly reminder to please check the lost property tub down in the hall if you are missing anything.  Any items not claimed by Friday 15th December will be discarded.  Thank you.

RATS and Surgical Masks

We currently have a supply of RATS (that expired April 2023) and both childrens and adults surgical masks.  Please feel free to pop by the office if you would like a box of these items. 

QKR Android Update

Dear Parents,
We have been informed by QKR of a problem for Android phone users (see below message).  We will advise parents as soon as the issue is resolved.  In the meantime, payments can be made at the office via Eftpos or cash and BPay is also available.  Please contact the office if you need further information. 

Message from QKR:

Unfortunately, we currently do have a problem with downloading the app to new androids and those that have installed the latest updates. Our tech people have put all other works aside and are focussing on resolving this issue as their top priority. As soon as we know any more, we will be in touch. In the meantime, if you could direct parents to the website for purchases, that would be greatly appreciated. Please also inform that it is best to use a laptop/computer as the experience is not always easy on a phone or tablet.

Qkr! by MasterCard (qkrschool.com)

Thank you for your continued patience.