Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 1 - 2024

Principal News

Dear Families,



I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun school holidays with plenty of rest and quality time with family. We have made a smooth start to Term 2, with students settling back in well and getting straight back into our core business of learning and having fun at school.

Over the holidays, the arborist has completed works in accordance with our annual tree report, which ensures we carefully manage the health and safety of vegetation across our spectacular country setting. We also continue to progress towards commencement of the rebuilding of B Block, with final design submissions completed as well as site-testing taking place over the last two weeks (more on that exciting work soon).

We have a busy term ahead with a range of exciting learning experiences planned, perhaps none more exciting than the P-2 Bunyip camp on the 21st June. Term 2 is an eleven-week term that will conclude on Friday 28th June. I remind you that there are two public holidays across the term as well as one student-free Curriculum Day. I also wish to remind you that the calendar on Sentral is the best place to stay on top of important dates at Wallington Primary School.

  • ANZAC Day – Thursday 25th April
  • Curriculum Day – Tuesday 4th June
  • King’s Birthday – Monday 10th June



The start of Term 2 marks the opening of prep enrolments for 2025. We will be running school tours for prospective families each Tuesday and Thursday morning throughout the term. If you know of anyone looking to enrol their child into Prep for the first time next year, let them know that they are welcome to attend tours or contact the school for more information.



Thank you to all families for supporting our important safety protocols within the school car park and when making use of the Drop Zone. Anyone who makes use of the car park and Drop Zone will have noticed that we now have a designated member of staff to support safety around drop-off and pick-up times. The line of orange bollards across the front of the school fence provides a safety section for pedestrians to walk whilst accessing any of our three front gates. To cross the road, it is safest to cross in a direct line to and from the parked cars. It is important that crossing the road is done with extreme caution at all times, especially in poor weather when visibility can be limited for drivers.

I thank you for working with us to ensure the use of our carpark and Drop Zone is as safe and efficient as possible.



Please note that our school website is currently under development. This is in direct recognition of a desire from the community to gain a greater understanding about the inner workings of school life at Wallington PS.

The purpose of our school website is to communicate what Wallington Primary School is all about. Over the course of the next few months, we will be adding various tabs, pages, pictures and information regarding the complete range of processes and programs of our school in order to communicate a clear picture of what goes on at Wallington and why and how we do what we do.



I am excited to announce that this week, students began to create their entries for our SWPBS Mascot competition. Students are creating their mascot entries in First Nations lessons and are being asked to think carefully about what kind of mascot would be most appropriate for Wallington Primary School. In addition to a drawing, they will need to provide a short explanation about the elements of their particular design.

Once judged, the winner of the mascot competition will have the opportunity to work with a real-life illustrator, who will work with them to create a digitised version to be used on displays and SWPBS posters around the school.



Thank you to those families who have paid their voluntary financial contributions. This makes a huge difference to our school and the range of high-quality programs we can offer. We do continue to face budgetary challenges as a result of the low numbers of contributions this year.

2024 Voluntary Contributions can be paid at any time throughout the year, via QKR or cash/EFTPOS at the school office. Please refer to the Sentral message sent out 27th March for further information.



Cameron Edwards

Parents and Friends

Calendar of Events

Friday 19th April                 P&F Meeting Van Loons 9am


With activities, events and news by joining our Facebook Page “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”


Next meeting will be on Friday 19th April 9am at Van Loons.

First Nations Studies

Maths News

Family Maths Challenge

Try out this fun Chance activity at home. Let your teacher know how you did and see if you can beat your family. Good luck and have fun!

Maths Joke of the Week

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T


Summer S

For being a very respectful member of Prep T.  You are always kind and inclusive.  Congratulations Summer!

1/2 MD


Beau B

For being a respectful member of our class and showing lovely manners all week!

1/2 S

Stevens (Belsar)

Alex H

For being a respectful member of our class and making great decisions all week.  Well done Alex.

1/2 C


Kai B

For showing respect and enthusiasm in your learning.
Your effort is paying off. Keep up the hard work!

3/4 T


Peyton M

For being respectful to all of your classmates and your teacher. You are monitoring yourself in class and remaining focused, which is great to see. Well done on demonstrating one of our values so well Peyton.

3/4 D

Thomas M

For always looking out for your classmates and offering help to those who need it.  Keep up the great effort Tom!


5/6 O

Evie T

For always being respectful.  You are an amazing young person who always is friendly, kind and caring towards others. Well done Evie, stay awesome!

5/6 KT


Spencer R

For being a respectful member of our class and making great decisions all week. You are growing as a leader and person and should be very proud of what you are achieving. Keep up the fantastic work, Spencer!

Notice Board

Parent Helpers in the Classroom  

Starting in the second week of Term Two, the Prep and Year 1/2 classrooms will be asking for parents to volunteer their time to help in the classroom. If you would like to help for an hour each week, please add your name to the timetable posted on your child’s classroom window. New helpers are asked to attend a Parent Helper Induction meeting.  Please email me to arrange a time we can meet email: Emily.duckett@education.vic.gov.au

Thank you

Emily Duckett

WPS Craft Club

Thank you.

Chess Club