Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 5 - 2024

Principal's Report


This week at Wallington we are celebrating Education Week. This year’s theme, Spotlight on STEM, celebrates the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in our everyday lives, in the classroom and beyond. Of course, we are lucky enough to enjoy STEM activities every week as the students engage in weekly STEM lessons as part of our specialist program. But to make it an extra-special occasion, all students will be taking part in multi-age STEM activities this Friday. The students will be encouraged to work together to be creative and solve problems through a range of hands-on and engaging STEM challenges. Thanks Mr Vaught and all staff for your help in celebrating Education Week (see Mr Vaught’s STEM report for more information).


Please note that today we have announced an exciting opportunity for all families with local businesses to engage in a Wallington Primary School Sponsorship Program (CLICK HERE for details). A range of packages are available as we seek to promote partnerships with the local community in support of enhancing our school programs and facilities. Information has been sent out to all Wallington families via Sentral. We are offering this opportunity to Wallington families first, before opening to the broader community and for local businesses who share our community values in accordance with the policy.


Building and maintaining positive home-school relationships is a fundamental part of a successful school journey for all students. Promoting such relationships has long been a professional endeavour of mine and one that I expect of all Wallington staff and families.

When these relationships are built on respect and trust, students learn better and feel like they belong in the school. The foundation of a good collaborative relationship is based on:

  • open and honest communication
  • trust and respect
  • working together
  • fair and reasonable expectations by all

The incredibly dedicated staff at Wallington remain committed to their professional obligations regarding conduct and consistently strive to adhere to and exceed the teaching standards and principles in supporting the success of all students.

I understand that concerns arise from time to time, from both the school and the home perspective. Working through concerns within a positive home-school partnership is the most effective way of resolving concerns, with student wellbeing at the heart of every decision made at school. I have said it many times before in my short time at Wallington, but I continue to be blown away by the enthusiasm, care and generosity of the wider school community, with families consistently engaging positively and respectfully with the school and staff. Unfortunately, there have been times where respect has not been shown to members of staff and the community and this is why I feel it is important to discuss this today.

“Positive school environments are important because everyone has the right to be safe and play a shared role in being respectful. Everyone at school, particularly staff and parents/carers, play a role in making school a better place for learning and work. When parents/carers and school staff work together as one team, our students do better.” Respectful Behaviours within the School Community Policy, 2024

As a school we continue to strive to create a positive and happy environment for all students, staff and families by being inclusive, valuing each other and accepting differences; recognising the efforts and achievements of others; considering our impact on others; and, calling out and addressing behaviour that can lead to bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Parents also play a major part in creating a positive environment for learning by modelling positive behaviour to their children; communicating politely, respectfully and constructively; working with the school to achieve the best outcomes for students; and, raising concerns in line with school processes and policy.

Wallington Primary School is a special place full of happy and engaged students. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for being afforded the opportunity to lead such a wonderful school. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to making sure every member of the school community feels safe and happy and for helping us to create a caring, respectful and successful school environment for all.


Cameron Edwards

Parents and Friends

Calendar of Events

Friday 17th May                 P&F Meeting 9am in School Hall
Friday 17th May                 Coffee Van @ School from 8:30am

Coffee Van

Bean Cruisin Mobile Coffee Van will be at the School on Friday 17th of May from 8:30am.  Come along and enjoy a coffee on your way to work or stay and mingle.

Mothers Day

We hope all our families had an amazing weekend with their special people.  Thank you to everyone who supported the Mother's Day Raffle.  We raised an amazing $647 which will be put to excellent use to support the school Art program.


With activities, events and news by joining our Facebook Page “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”


Next meeting will be on Friday 17th May 9am in school hall.


School Photo Day - Wednesday 22nd May, 2024

Please CLICK HERE for the instructions for ordering school photos.
The access key on the flyer (and below) is to be used for ALL student AND family orders.


This access is valid until we go to print so there is no specific cut off time for students orders however the family (sibling) photo orders are closed at 4.30pm on Tuesday 21st May, 2024. Once this time passes, you will no longer be able to order a family (sibling) photo.

Late orders will not be able to be ordered until photos are returned back to the school and second chance bookmarks are distributed. Late orders are at an increased price and will be subject to a postage fee......so get your orders in early!

If you have any questions please contact Leading Image at:
P: 1300 084 586.


With Education Week celebrating STEM, we are so lucky that this is taught to every student weekly at Wallington Primary School.

So what is STEM? While STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths it is much, much more. At Wallington we teach the meaning of STEM as ‘finding and creating solutions to problems’. So, what’s important and what do we teach:

  1. The ability to create solutions…
  2. The gaining of knowledge
  3. Thinking frameworks and processes and
  4. Management skills, producing skills and being innovative and collaborative. 

STEM is also an important part of our First Nations program where we learn about the first STEM people and their great engineering and scientific feats and students also make and build stuff.

Ways you can help your child engage with STEM
You can do this by asking open-ended questions, such as:

  • Can you describe...?
  • I wonder what would happen if...?
  • How could you solve that...?
  • What if...?

 For younger children, this could include:

  • playing games and developing skills like cutting and tying stuff
  • having opportunities to create and make stuff: cooking, building with sticks outdoors, carboard box activities…

For older children, this could include:

  • using a digital device to create: movies, games…
  • learning skills for fixing stuff or cooking…
  • encourage creativity and set achievable challenges…

Jason Vaught
STEM and First Nations

Maths News

Maths Activity

Try out this fun Place Value activity at home. Let your teacher know how you did and see if you can beat your family. Good luck and have fun!

Tell me everything about….

What can you share about the number below.
Is it odd or even? Is it a Prime number?
Does the number have a special meaning to you?

Here are some examples:

13 cannot be equally shared.
Children become teenagers at age 13.
Mr. KT’s soccer jersey number was the number 13.

See if you can make a list of all the things you know about the number 13!

Maths Joke of the Week

Who is the king of the pencil case? 

The ruler!

Bonus Maths Pun

How do these jokes measure up? Find the location of Mr. KT during the week and see if your joke shapes up to be a valuable addition to the weekly newsletter!

Art Gallery

Year 5/6 Tea Pots - Fancy a cuppa?

Students created an original design for a tea pot and copied it on to clear acetate. Using posca pens they coloured their design and cut out the shape. 5/6s used printing blocks to print acrylic paint over a background painted with food dye. We created a frame around the tea pot and students were selective about what background paper would look effective behind their tea pot. Amazing work 5/6!

Michelle Bishop
Visual Arts Coordinator 

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T

Flynn P

For always showing amazing respect and kindness to his classmates. You help make Prep T a happy learning space. Great leadership Flynn.

1/2 MD


Jacob R

For showing Respect to your teachers, classmates and to your own learning. You have shown great focus this week. Keep up the fantastic effort Jacob!

1/2 S


Jack G

For having a week of excellent listening, attentiveness and consistently giving all tasks your best effort. Well done on a great week of showing respect to all your teachers.

1/2 C


Timmy F

For being a great team player during our class game of Gaga and for encouraging a student who was showing resilience. Keep up the great work Timmy!

3/4 T


Rio L

For always being respectful to your teachers and classmates. You focus on your work and respect that others are learning around you, what a great example for your classmates. Well done Rio!

3/4 D

Carter G

For showing respect in class by always following the rules and respecting learning time.  Keep up the great effort!


5/6 O

Zara H

For always being respectful. You are kind, caring and such a sweet soul. Well done Zara.  Keep being amazing!

5/6 KT


Willow R

For being a respectful member of 5/6KT. You put others needs before your own and always display a kind, caring attitude. Keep up the great work, Willow!

Notice Board

Friday Assemblies

Please see below a list of the classes that will be showcasing work/performing at our Friday assemblies which commence at 2:50pm.

Week 5All 1/2 Classes - Bunyip Chant
Week 61/2S
Week 73/4T
Week 83/4D
Week 95/6O and 5/6KT
Week 10Bunyip Camp - No Assembly
Week 11Last day Term 2 - Early 2:20pm Finish - No Assembly

Thank You 

The money raised from the Mother's Day Raffle this year is kindly helping with purchasing art materials for our weekly P-6 Art lessons. Thank you so much to the P & F Committee for organising the raffle and to the families who purchased tickets. It is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks, 

Michelle Bishop

WPS Craft Club

Thank you.

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