Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 6 - 2024

Principal's Report


Following a period of investigation and discussions with staff, School Council, and other school leaders, we are excited to announce we will be moving our School Information System from Sentral to Compass. We are currently initiating plans for a smooth and easy transition for all users, acutely aware of the challenges associated with learning new computer systems. There will be further information coming out over the next few weeks and plenty of time and support in adjusting to the change. In all the conversations I have had with people, the overwhelming majority have been in favour of the change to Compass as a superior Student Information System. It will of course take some getting used to (and no system is perfect!) but with enhanced functionality, systems and processes, we are very enthusiastic about the change and look forward to saving all users time and effort with day-to-day tasks.



Congratulations once again to our three winners of the mascot competition (Fisher, Paxton and Summer D.). As announced at last week’s assembly, the three winners will all work with a real-life animator/illustrator, to finalise their designs. The final copies will then be used to promote our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support at school as we learn and demonstrate the school’s expected behaviours: be respectful, be responsible and be resilient. We can’t wait to see the final designs!

Cameron Edwards

Parents and Friends

Calendar of Events

Friday 14th June                 P&F Meeting 9am in School Hall


With activities, events and news by joining our Facebook Page “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”


Next meeting will be on Friday 14th June 9am in school hall.

Maths News

Maths Activity

Try out this fun Place Value activity at home. Let your teacher know how you did and see if you can beat your family. Good luck and have fun!

Tell me everything about….

What can you share about the number below.
Is it odd or even? Is it a Prime number?
Does the number have a special meaning to you?


Here are some examples:

28 can be equally shared.
There are 28 days in February.
Did you know that a 28 sided polygon is called an icosikaioctagon?

See if you can make a list of all the things you know about the number 28!

Maths Joke of the Week

What is a bird's favourite type of maths? 


Bonus Maths Pun

How do these jokes measure up? Find the location of Mr. KT during the week and see if your joke shapes up to be a valuable addition to the weekly newsletter!

Junior School Council

Congratulations to the elected Junior School Council members for 2024.

From left to right: Arden 1/2C, Isla 1/2S, Willow 5/6KT, Hunter 1/2MD, Isaiah 5/6O, Piper 3/4T, with Thomas M from 3/4D (absent).

This JSC will represent the voice of all students to help inform school decisions. Our 2024 JSC members will develop their leadership and citizenship skills while supporting decision-making and discussing issues important to them.

JSC members will be welcomed to the role at our school assembly tomorrow.

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T

Harper M

For always trying and never giving up. Even with a broken foot, you never let that stop you from participating in any activities. Well done Harper!

1/2 MD


Teddy H

For showing your resilience as you are always trying your best to build stamina when you are writing. Keep up the great effort Teddy!

1/2 S


Isla O

For showing resilience this week during our learning tasks. You did a great job working through challenging tasks like our multisyllable words in SoundsWrite.

1/2 C


Myla O

For continuing to develop your resilience when trying new and challenging things. Keep up the great work!

3/4 T


Jasper P

For always having a go at your reading and writing, and for working hard on your sounds and decoding. You keep trying and the results are showing in your work. Well done Jasper!

3/4 D

Neo M

For making a great effort in all your learning tasks. Great effort Neo!


5/6 O

Charlie L

Fodemonstrating resilience during Lightning Prem, you kept trying even when you got frustrated and challenged. You did an amazing job! Well done Charlie!

5/6 KT


Kiyomi B

Fodemonstrating resilience during Lightning Prem. You kept trying your hardest  even when you got overwhelmed and challenged. You did an amazing job! Great work, Kiyomi!

Notice Board

Friday Assemblies

Please see below a list of the classes that will be showcasing work/performing at our Friday assemblies which commence at 2:50pm.

Week 61/2S
Week 73/4D
Week 83/4T
Week 95/6O and 5/6KT
Week 10Bunyip Camp - No Assembly
Week 11Last day Term 2 - Early 2:20pm Finish - No Assembly



We continue to offer local businesses the opportunity to engage in  the Wallington Primary School Sponsorship Program (CLICK HERE for details). A range of packages are available as we seek to promote partnerships with the local community in support of enhancing our school programs and facilities. 


Wanted - a clothes rack for the art room. If you have a clothes rack at home that you don't use anymore, we would love to use it in the art room to hang art smocks. Thank you.