Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 9 - 2024

Principal News


We are excited about our Crazy Hair Day and special pizza lunch tomorrow. Just a reminder that this is simply a fun event and we are not raising money. Students should wear normal school uniform with their CRAZY hair. We look forward to seeing what crazy hair everyone comes with!


Parent-teacher interview appointments opened yesterday for booking through Sentral. Parent-teacher interviews will take place on Wednesday 26th June, giving parents/carers the chance to discuss Semester 1 reports and consider next steps for all students.


We are on track with our rollover to Compass. We will be transitioning to Compass fully on Monday 22nd July (Week 2, Term 3). Login details and parent user information will be sent out during the first week of Term 3 in preparation for our ‘Go Live’ date.


As we move forward with re-establishing the school-wide positive behaviours support (SWPBS), including a revised behaviour matrix, signage, rewards, and mascots to come later in the year, I would like everyone to consider the key message behind the level of success this system (or any behaviour support system) can bring. The success of the system is a direct reflection of the collective expectations of which we as a staff and school community insist.

It falls on every single member of the school community to stand-up and model, teach, reward, and reteach our agreed expected behaviours from the behaviour matrix. Positive reinforcement is the most impactful feedback we can give, with research suggesting a requirement of a ratio of at least FOUR positive acknowledgements for every ONE correction/redirection.

We look forward to sharing the new matrix and mascots later in the year as we continue to support our students to be respectful, be resilient, and be responsible.

Cameron Edwards

Parents and Friends

Calendar of Events

Friday 14th June                 Special Pizza Lunch & CRAZY Hair Day
Friday 14th June                 P&F Meeting 9am in School Hall

Term 2 Special Pizza Lunch & CRAZY Hair Day

Both the Special Pizza Lunch Day and CRAZY Hair Day will be on Friday 14th June. We can't wait to see the childrens CRAZY Hair and excitement.  Please note that children are to wear their school uniform on CRAZY Hair Day.


With activities, events and news by joining our Facebook Page “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”


Next meeting will be on Friday 14th June 9am in school hall.

Art Gallery

Year 3/4 Ode to Rene Magritte 'Son of a Man'

After discussing artist Rene Magritte's painting, 'Son of a Man', students created a head of something extending from a photocopy of Magritte's trench coat and tie.  We applied acrylic paint to give it colour and used both Prockey pens and Posca pens to give their artwork details of line and patterns. Just like Magritte's painting, we photocopied the students work and glued on smaller versions to appear like it is raining in the background. Absolutely love these, you've done a fantastic job 3/4s!

Michelle Bishop
Visual Arts Coordinator 

Maths News

Maths Activity

Try out this fun Place Value activity at home.  Students, it’s your turn to teach your family how to complete this activity. See if you can successfully teach the activity and give your family some positive feedback!

Tell me everything about….

What can you share about the number below.
Is it odd or even? Is it a Prime number?
Does the number have a special meaning to you?


Here are some examples: 

  • 737 is an odd number.
  • Boeing made the 737 Aeroplane.
  • The sum of the three digits is 17, also an odd number.

See if you can make a list of all the things you know about the number 737 or where you can find it!!

Maths Joke of the Week

Never argue with a 90-degree angle.

They're always right!

Punny Maths

How do these jokes measure up? Find the location of Mr. KT during the week and see if your joke shapes up to be a valuable addition to the weekly newsletter!

Junior School Council

Junior School Council Event
What: Casual Clothes Day
When: Friday 29th June Last Day of Term
Cost: Coin Donation
Why: We are raising money to buy items that classes have requested, including netballs, basketballs, chook scrap bins and new recycling bins. 

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T

Bentley M

For always trying your best with everything you do. You are willing to have a go and you never give up. Congratulations Bentley!

1/2 MD


Elsie M

For showing resilience during writing this week. You have expanded your sentences and put much more on the page. It is pleasing to see your progress. Well done Elsie.

1/2 S


Rory T

For demonstrating resilience during learning time when persisting with challenging tasks in maths over the last few weeks. Well done Rory and keep up the superstar work!

1/2 C


Liam S

For showing resilience when challenging yourself in Maths. You jumped in the learning pit when completing tangram puzzles.

3/4 T


Olive M

For showing great resilience when you are working on your writing. You take on feedback and try to improve your work without complaint. Well done Olive!

3/4 D

Madelyn H

For taking huge strides in your resilience when working on tasks that are not in your wheelhouse! Awesome week Maddie - well done.

5/6 O

Nash L

For demonstrating resilience in your learning. You always try your best and work hard to improve. Well done Nash, keep working hard!

5/6 KT


Eliza H

For displaying resilience during Maths. You were deep down in the learning pit and worked hard to achieve your learning goal. Keep believing in yourself and trying your best, Eliza!

Notice Board

Friday Assemblies

Please see below a list of the classes that will be showcasing work/performing at our Friday assemblies which commence at 2:50pm.

Week 95/6O and 5/6KT
Week 10Bunyip Camp - No Assembly
Week 11Last day Term 2 - Early 2:20pm Finish - No Assembly

Foster Carers