Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 10 - 2024

Principal News

Dear Families,


The Prep – 2 students and staff are incredibly excited about our Bunyip Camp tomorrow! We look forward to a day and night of fun and festivities, including the Science incursion that all students across the school will also enjoy. We thank all parent volunteers in advance and can’t wait to see all students delight in the events. Please note, there will be no assembly tomorrow due to this event.


We are so thankful to our wonderful parent volunteers responsible for the continual contributions to the school gardens and natural environment. Many of you will have noticed the beautiful rejuvenation of the garden beds at the front of the school, in particular. The senior school students have also contributed to this effort and took great pleasure in being a part of the works this week. I’m assured there is even more to come, including the installation of student rock-painting artwork, which will make the garden even more special.


Parent-teacher interview appointments are open for booking through Sentral. They will remain open until 8:00pm Tuesday 25th June. Parent-teacher interviews will take place on Wednesday 26th June 11:30am – 6:00pm, giving parents/carers the chance to discuss Semester 1 reports and consider next steps for all students.


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to both Carli Davine and Alida O’Brien, who have decided to leave Wallington Primary School at the end of the Term. Both are moving on to new opportunities and we wish them well in their future endeavours. We are currently running a recruitment process to replace both teachers and will make announcements as soon as possible.

We also extend best wishes to Lisa Macys. Lisa will be spending Semester 2 engaging in a range of pursuits away from Wallington, though we do hope to see Lisa return as a CRT throughout the remainder of the year. Lisa has done an amazing job running the busy PE program this semester, but is now passing the baton onto Clair Ractliffe, who will be returning from Family Leave to teach PE for the remainder of the year.

Cameron Edwards

Parents and Friends

Calendar of Events

Friday 19th July                P&F Meeting 9am in School Hall


With activities, events and news by joining our Facebook Page “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”


Next meeting will be on Friday 19th July 9am in school hall.

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Garden News

On Tuesday the Garden Club team along with Mrs O'Brien and her 5/6 class  modified the front area of the school, creating a native butterfly garden space. 

The Garden Club purchased all the new plants used in the front garden with the winning $1000 voucher from the Victorian Children's Garden Award for "Most Engaging Garden for Well-being".

We also repurposed some of the sensory garden plants, wood stumps and rocks. 

An amazing effort from the 5/6's. 

There is still more to come so watch this space!

Art Gallery

Year 1/2s 'Monsters Love Cupcakes'

We read the book 'Monsters Love Cupcakes' and created a shape of a monster and printed this shape on hessian. Year 1/2s discovered how to thread a needle and sew a running stitch around their monster shape. Using fabric, students designed clothes for their monster and applied a range of materials to decorate accessories such as bows, buttons and fabric pockets. Small cupcakes were coloured in and glued on to their hessian. So clever 1/2s! They look fantastic!

Michelle Bishop
Visual Arts Coordinator 

Maths News

Maths Activity

Try out this fun activity at home.  Students, it’s your turn to teach your family how to complete this activity. See if you can successfully teach the activity and give your family some positive feedback!

Tell me everything about….

What can you share about the number below.
Is it odd or even? Is it a Prime number?
Does the number have a special meaning to you?


Here are some examples: 

  • 100 is a three digit number.
  • 100 Years is called a Century.
  • Among the 100 most used words in English, only ‘person’ and ‘because’ have more than five letters.

See if you can make a list of all the things you know about the number 100 or where you can find it!!

Maths Joke of the Week

What do you call an empty parrot cage?

A Polygon!

Punny Maths

How do these jokes measure up? Find the location of Mr. KT during the week and see if your joke shapes up to be a valuable addition to the weekly newsletter!

Notice Board

Friday Assemblies

Please see below a list of the classes that will be showcasing work/performing at our Friday assemblies which commence at 2:50pm.

Week 10Bunyip Camp - No Assembly
Week 11Last day Term 2 - Early 2:20pm Finish - No Assembly

Chess Term 3