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Term 4 - Week 2 - 2021

Principal News

It was so great to see the Year 3/4’s over the last two days and it’s been great having the 5/6s back today (and tomorrow).

3/4 Classroom Days Next Week
Due to the Geelong Cup public holiday falling on one of the classroom days for Grade 3/4 students next week (Wednesday 20th October), we have been given special permission from the Department of Education to have 3/4 students at school on Monday and Tuesday next week rather than Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will now attend on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th October. We feel it is important they are on site in the classroom for the two days as we head towards a full return to school on Tuesday 26th October.

Masks for Grade 3-6 Students
From Monday 18th October face masks are required for students in Year 3 to Year 6, only when indoors on school premises, unless an exception applies. 


With the return of most of our students we have returned to staggered finish times to ease congestion in the carpark. Staggered finish times:

  • A -H   3:00pm
  • I – Q  3.10pm
  • R - Z   3.20pm          


Please note these are the current DET guidelines we are working to as set out in the Schools Operation Guide:

  • Non-Essential Visitors – including parents/carers: Non-essential visitors, including parents and carers, are not permitted onto school grounds
  • QR Code Sign In:  In the rare cases that parents, guardians, and visitors are required to attend to a matter onsite, please sign in using the Service QR Codes available at each of the gates around the school.
  • Face Masks: Along with our staff, parents, guardians, and visitors must wear a face mask at school at all times indoors and outdoors when onsite (unless a lawful exception applies).
  • Physical Distancing: Parents, guardians and visitors must observe physical distancing measures, including at ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ times. A reminder to parents to ‘drop and go’ in the mornings.
  • School Gatherings: All school gatherings such as assemblies and school events are deferred at this time.
  • If arriving late to school or departing early, parents still need to come to the office and sign students in/out.                                

SunSmart reminders
Time to dust off the SunSmart hats and get them on our heads!!! Please remind your kids that No Hat = No Play.


Geelong Cup Public Holiday Wednesday 20th October: School Closed
Next Wednesday is a gazetted public holiday for the City of Greater Geelong (COGG) for the Geelong Cup.


5 Ways Parents Can Help Children Adjust to Being at School After Months In Lockdown

Students are returning to their schools after months in lockdown in VictoriaNew South Wales and the ACT. Many will thrive on the return to school. Others, though, may need extra practical and emotional support to adjust in a healthy way.

Some children may experience separation anxiety from their parents, for example. Others may be worried about catching COVID-19 in the playground or about connecting with their friends again.

Parents and carers might be wondering what they can do to support their child as they return to school. Here are five tips that can help.

  1. Renegotiate routines

Like adults, children and teens are likely to have established quite different routines during lockdown. They may have also become accustomed to more screen time than usual.

To ease the transition to a regular school routine, it is worth making slow adjustments like getting up and going to bed at a more consistent time. Parents can support autonomy by negotiating new routines with their child. While teens may be more resistant to parents placing restrictions on their screen time, this is less likely when parents provide explanations and acknowledge teens’ perspectives.

  1. Allow time for adjustment

Returning to school may bring uncertainty, excitement, fatigue or other big emotions. Some children may seem particularly tired after their first few days, while others may be more sensitive or less tolerant than usual.

Don’t despair if your child seems to experience more big emotions at home than at school: this likely means that home is a safe place to return to! Help children to name any negative emotions that arise, such as frustration, and gently coach them to consider other ways of expressing themselves.

Be tolerant yourself, and don’t sweat the small things.

  1. Acknowledge children’s worries

Children and teens may have specific worries related to COVID-19, to changing friendships, or to being back at school. Younger children may also experience separation anxiety after extended periods of having their families as their sole source of social connection.

If your child raises concerns about whether they will be safe returning to school, it is useful to provide simple and factual information about COVID-19 while providing gentle reminders that the adults around them are there to help them stay healthy. Adopt a problem-solving approach: helping children to focus on what they can control, rather than worrying about things that are outside our control.

Regardless of the source of their worries, it is important to acknowledge and validate your child’s feelings. You can point out that many children may be feeling the same way, and that their concerns are understandable. At the same time, remaining calm and focusing on the positive aspects of returning to school can help to relieve some of their concerns.

  1. Coach empathy

Children and teens have had different experiences during lockdown and may have different feelings about being back at school. Understanding that other children may feel differently can help your child to be a good friend.

Before returning to school, remind children that some of their friends will feel more nervous about returning than others. In primary school, some might also make different decisions about masks.

If your child has been in a “friendship bubble” with only a small number of other friends, encourage them to include those who have not. Being empathetic towards others and acknowledging how they are feeling will not only help your child socially, it is also an important socioemotional skill to master.

  1. Be optimistic

Remember that most children adjust well when faced with new challenges. Parents can prompt children and teens to remember what they enjoy most about school to help them look forward to returning. Reminiscing about funny stories or enjoyable school events that children have experienced can help with this process.

It is important to still acknowledge your child’s feelings if they express a preference for learning from home. You may wish to share these concerns with their teacher. However, it is helpful for your own approach to reflect optimism and confidence. Avoid introducing your own worries if you can: parent anxiety can be contagious!

If you observe any concerning and sustained changes in your child’s behaviour as they navigate the return to school, their school or GP can help connect them with additional support. Other resources that can help include Kids HelplineBeyond Blue, or Headspace.


Parents and Friends


Please note the submission deadline for this has been extended until the 5th November.  Students can drop their submission to the drawer opposite the office once they return to onsite learning.


Reminder Mango orders are now open until sold out. $20 a tray.
Orders must be in by Thursday 21st October. Orders are via QKR only.
Delivery will be mid December (date to be confirmed)


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Premiers Reading Challenge

Well done to all those students who attempted and completed the Premiers Reading Challenge during unusual and difficult times. It is great to see so many students taking on the challenge and enjoying the love of reading.

Congratulations to all the children that have completed the Challenge. Names will be listed in a future newsletter once the special ‘Challenge’ certificates arrive.

School Hat Availability

Our term 4 shipment of hats has been delayed.  The expected delivery date is December.  If you need a hat urgently for your child now, our recommendation is to buy a sunsmart hat from one of the retailers eg Best & Less, Big W, Kmart.  

As soon as the shipment arrives, we will notify families.  Thank you for your understanding.