Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 4 - Week 3 - 2021

Principal News

Students are all back!

Tomorrow we will welcome all our students back onsite! This is a few days earlier than planned and fantastic news. Well done to our community with all we have been through and let’s hope that we can stay onsite and avoid a school closure by all playing our part. Classrooms will have doors and windows open where possible (some may be permanently closed in older buildings) to promote ventilation, we will encourage hand sanitising, masks inside for Years 3-6 and the physical distancing of adults. The School Operations Guide states, “school staff to wear a facemask while teaching wherever practical, except where removal of a facemask is necessary for effective communication.” So, at times, staff may have their mask down to ensure their instructions are clear and to assist students who use lips and facial expressions as cues to assist their learning. 


With the return of most of our students we have returned to staggered finish times to ease congestion in the carpark. Staggered finish times:

  • A -H    3:00pm
  • I – Q   3.10pm
  • R - Z   3.20pm          


Please note these are the current DET guidelines we are working to as set out in the Schools Operation Guide:

  • Non-Essential Visitors – including parents/carers: Non-essential visitors, including parents and carers, are not permitted onto school grounds
  • QR Code Sign In:  In the rare cases that parents, guardians, and visitors are required to attend to a matter onsite, please sign in using the Service QR Codes available at each of the gates around the school.
  • Face Masks: Along with our staff, parents, guardians, and visitors must wear a face mask at school at all times indoors and outdoors when onsite (unless a lawful exception applies).
  • Physical Distancing: Parents, guardians and visitors must observe physical distancing measures, including at ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ times. A reminder to parents to ‘drop and go’ in the mornings.
  • School Gatherings: All school gatherings such as assemblies and school events are deferred at this time.
  • If arriving late to school or departing early, parents still need to come to the office and sign students in/out.          
  • From Monday 18th October face masks are required for students in Year 3 to Year 6, only when indoors on school premises, unless an exception applies.                   


Curriculum Day Monday 6th December (TBC)

Each year schools are permitted 4 curriculum days to help achieve and manage the work around reaching goals.   Curriculum days are designed to strengthen teacher pedagogy, learn, or revise curriculum content, moderate and write reports and a whole range of other matters pertaining to school life. At the end of the day, it is to continually improve the teachers that work with your children. 

Some schools take some of these at the start of the year, middle of a term or end of the year or whenever they can access the professional learning opportunity. Each year, we plan and inform the school council of the proposed dates and have them approved. We try to make these days adjacent to weekends for families. 

We have one day left that has been cancelled due to lockdowns throughout the year. The day will be focused on Student Wellbeing and engagement and setting us up for 2022 to ensure all students are achieving.



This week we are very pleased to welcome to Wallington Sophie Giltrap. Sophie will be teaching Indonesian for the remainder of the year and has an exciting program planned.


SunSmart reminders

Time to dust off the SunSmart hats and get them on our heads!!! Please remind your kids that No Hat = No Play.

Online Safety Basics

Help your children safely navigate their digital world and educate them to avoid harmful online experiences. Explore websites, games, apps and social media together and set some rules. 

Your support and guidance can give your children the confidence to make sound decisions online ― and ask for help when they need it. 

1. Be engaged, open and suportive

  • Get involved. Share online time with your children as part of family life. Play games together. Talk about favourite apps, games or websites.
  • Keep lines of communication open. Ask about their online experiences, who they are talking to and whether they are having any issues.
  • Reassure your child they can always come to you, no matter what. Let them know you will not cut off internet access if they report feeling uncomfortable or unsafe when online ― this is a real concern that may stop your child from communicating with you openly.
  • If you notice a change in behaviour or mood, talk to your child about it. If you are concerned, consider seeking professional help ― from your GP, a psychologist or school counsellor. 

2. Set some rules

  • Set age-appropriate rules for devices and online access, with consequences for breaking them.
  • Ensure your child’s input — this will help them understand risks. As they get older you can review your rules together. 
  • Consider creating a family tech agreement(sometimes called a family media plan or family online safety agreement). A family tech agreement is a set of rules about how devices, like smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and gaming consoles are used in your home. It is written down and agreed to by all family members and kept in a place where everyone can see it, such as on the fridge.
  • Your family tech agreement could cover the type of websites that can be visited, time spent online and acceptable online behaviour. 
  • eSafety has created our own version of a Family Tech Agreement, in collaboration with ABC KIDS, especially designed for families with children under 5. You can download this and fill it in with your family. Another example, from ThinkUKnowAustralia, can also be a good starting point for families with older children.
  • The consequences for breaking the rules should be clear. Negotiate these with your child when you create your agreement so they mean something to them — Raising Children Networkhas some useful tips and advice.
  • Consider making some ‘rules for parents’ too — and stick to them! Model behaviour that you would like to see.

3. Use the available technology


Parent Payment Policy / Back to School Items / Family Financial Statements

Parent Payment Policy & Back to School Items 2022
The Parent Payment Policy 2022 as well as information about Back to School ordering is attached - CLICK HERE.  There are some changes next year in regards to how student consumable items will be distributed.  Parents and guardians are invited to purchase Back to School items directly through COS.  Please see detailed information in the Parent Payment Policy 2022. 
Family Financial Statements 2021
These will be emailed out today.  Outstanding items eg, personal headphones where instalment payment option was made, need to be finalised now.  There are families who are in credit (negative amount) due to cancelled events or unapplied receipts, eg, CSEF.  If you wish to have the credit held over for activities for term 4 2021 eg, swimming, end of year activities and excursions/activities in 2022, there is nothing you need to do.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact the office.

Kind Regards,
Cho Lay Thomas
Business Manager

Parents and Friends

Dates for the Calendar

Friday 12th November                    P&F Meeting 9.15am – location tbc
Friday 26th November                    Subway Special Lunch



Please note the submission deadline for this has been extended until the 5th November.  Students can drop their submission to the drawer opposite the office.



Reminder Mango orders are now open until sold out. $20 a tray.  
Orders must be in by TODAY! There are only 10 trays left.  Orders are via QKR only.  Delivery will be mid December (date to be confirmed)



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