Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 1 - Week 7 - 2022

Principal News


Staffing Update
Mrs Emily Duckett has been successfully appointed in a short-term position at the Dept. of Education Barwon Area office as an Educational Improvement Leader (EIL). The role will see her supporting many schools across the area in their improvement journey.
This appointment is a recognition of the hard work she has put in at Wallington PS in her role as Learning Specialist. The role will be a great opportunity for Emily to see the great work of other schools and to assist them as well as developing her own knowledge and skills. It is also a recognition of the great work being done at Wallington PS.  
For the last three weeks of Term One, Mrs Tara Belsar will take 3/4D full time until we can undertake a recruitment process and fill Emily’s position. I understand this will be a shock to both parents and the students, but we are confident we have put in place measures to ensure the least disruption possible to your child.

For 2022 we are transitioning to an online platform. In preparation we are conducting a “readiness” trial today (Thursday 17th March).  The children in Years 3 and 5 will sit a NAPLAN type test, but this will be only to test our network’s capacity. This will be followed by an Australia wide test on Wednesday next week, again just testing the platforms capacity. Both will inform us on how we and the children perform on the change of platform.  The actual tests will be conducted in May.

High Abilities Program
A number of years ago, DET introduced a course for students who have demonstrated high ability in the curriculum based on NAPLAN data. Jessica Bennett currently leads this program and is working intensively with students in Year 6 this year. It is a great opportunity to stretch their learning and apply their knowledge. 

Asthma & Anaphylaxis Plans
We take these plans very seriously and want to be well prepared in the event your child needs us to support them. Last week a reminder went out to ensure your child’s plan is up to date. Please assist us by keeping plans and medications up to date with our admin team so that we can intervene as per the plan IF needed.  

COVIDSafe Updates
The Victorian Government has announced a 6-week extension of some of the COVIDSafe measures for schools. 
In summary, there will continue to be a focus on the “3Vs” of ventilation, vaccination and vital COVIDSafe steps. This will see either a continuation or elimination of the following:

  • The use of rapid antigen tests (RATs) as a screening tool will continue for the remainder of term 1 and families should anticipate receiving their next allocation prior to week 9.
  • Victorians aged over 5 years are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinations are available at state vaccination centres, participating GP clinics, pharmacies, or community health services. Please chat to your local GP for more information. 
  • Face Masks - staff, students (Years 3-6) and on-site visitors/volunteers will be required to wear a face mask when indoors.

Prep 2023 Enrolments
We have begun taking enrolments for Prep for next year – both from siblings of current students and from new families to Wallington. If you have a child currently attending 4-year-old kindergarten and are looking to enrol them for Prep 2023, please complete the enrolment form which is available by CLICKING HERE or from the General Office.

Student Accident Insurance
It is important for parents to note that neither the school nor the Department of Education provide a whole-of-school insurance policy. As the Principal I am obliged to remind parents or guardians that:

  • Parents or guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.
  • We also do not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and we have no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.

Getting a Grip on Pencil Grip!

In primary school, your child will need to master their pencil grip, so they are able to write quickly and without getting a sore hand.

Here are some clever ways to develop their fine motor skills and teach them how to hold a pencil correctly:

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills involve the small muscles in our hand, which are the muscles required to hold a pencil. You can help your child strengthen these muscles by doing exercises like:

  • squeezing a small ball, like a tennis ball
  • squirting with a water spray
  • stringing beads onto a piece of string.

Pencil grip

If your child continually holds a pencil incorrectly, here are some ways you can help them:

  • Put a cotton wool ball in their hand and encourage them to hold it with their pinkie and ring fingers. This will free up the other fingers and thumb to hold the pencil correctly.
  • Put two holes in the end of an old sock and encourage your child to slip their hand in it and poke their index and thumb through the holes. Then pick up a pencil and write.
  • Wind a rubber band around a pencil in a figure eight fashion. Slip your child’s wrist into the bottom circle formed by the eight. This will give them more control of the pencil.


This article is reproduced from Learning Potential, a product of the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. For more great articles visit www.learningpotential.gov.au and download the app

Parents and Friends


Friday 18th March                   Wallington Family Picnic 5pm Oval
Friday 18th March                   P&F Meeting 9am Hall
Friday 7th April                       Easter Morning Tea

Wallington Family Picnic

The Wallington Family Picnic will be on TOMORROW NIGHT!! (Friday 18th March) on the oval from 5pm.  BYO Picnic dinner.  Icypoles supplied for the kids.  Live music by Paul Watson.  All welcome.

Easter Morning Tea – Thursday 7th April

Easter Morning Tea is available to order via QKR now.  On offer are 3 different varieties of hot cross buns and also flavoured milks.
Orders are via QKR only, and must be in by Monday 28th March 3pm – No late orders will be accepted.  
If your child has allergy requirements you are welcome to leave a comparable morning tea at the office on the day and we will distribute it with the other orders.

Guess the Eggs in the Jar

P&F are running our 'Guess the Eggs in the Jar' competition again this year.  The jar will be at the office from Monday 21st March.  It is a gold coin donation per guess with all money going to the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal.  
Guesses must be in by Thursday 31st March with the winner announced at assembly on Friday 1st April.  Parents, Teachers and Friends are also welcome to have a guess!

Tesselaar Bulb Orders

Orders are fully online via our personal website https://www.bulbfundraiser.com.au/wallingtonps  
Orders will be delivered directly to your home and are dispatched within 72hours of ordering.  40% commission of all orders comes back to P&F for use on future school activities.  Bulbs are available to order from now until 15th April 2022.  
We are also putting a tub on the drawers opposite the office for anyone who would like to donate a tulip bulb  to make a summer tulip patch at the school. Your support is much appreciated.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on TOMORROW Friday 18th March 9am in the hall.  All welcome to come along for a coffee and chat and see how you can get involved with P&F in 2022.

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep/1 T



For always having a positive attitude in and out of the classroom. You are a problem solver, always looking for solutions.   Congratulations Raf!                         

Prep/1 M



For having a good go and problem solving this week when things didn’t go to plan. It is great to see you look for alternate solutions Imogen. Great work!

Prep/1 F



For listening carefully during Buddies and being a great problem solver. Well done Max, keep up the good work.

2 T



For always trying to find a solution when things don’t go to plan. You look for a solution instead of complaining that something is wrong, and that shows real resilience.  Well done Olly!!

2 O



For always trying to problem solve when faced with a challenge. You always try to improve your learning. Well done Piper!

3/4 V



Because you always look for solutions and try and improve your learning. Fantastic stuff Fisher.

3/4 DB



Foconsistently having a growth mindset with no problem being too big to take on.  You are a great leader and role model in the classroom.  Well done on a great start to the year!


3/4 M

Mr L for Ms Macys


For being kind and friendly to others and always trying your best in class.  Keep up the great work Anthony.

5/6 S




For for always looking for solutions when problems arise in and out of the classroom. You’ve shown fantastic leadership skills this year. Well done Taj and keep it up!

Art Gallery

Year 2's - Self Portrait Collages

At the beginning of every year, students create self-portraits using different materials. Year 2's explored how to draw the proportions of the face, followed by going over these lines with fine liner pen and poscas for colour. Students created their clothes from fabric and added accessories such as pockets or buttons. Wool was used for hair strands and the background was bubble wrap printed on to the paper with paint which gives a great effect!

They look fantastic, great work Year 2's!





15 Minute Fitness

On Tuesday mornings, the Grade 5/6's have been running a 15 minute fitness for most classes in the school. This week we held an Avatar Tabata for everyone to join and have lots of fun. 

Camps, Sports & Excursion Fund (CSEF) Information/Applications


The CSEF payment has been made to parents/guardians who have applied.  Emails will be sent to these families to advise.  Applications are still open for eligible families (CLICK HERE for Application Form).  Prep students are eligible to apply for winter uniforms and shoes when applications open in term 2.  

If you are a holder of a concession card and fit the criteria listed (CLICK HERE for Information Flyer), please submit your application form by the end of term 1 (8 April 2022). For any questions please check with the office or send us an email at: wallington.ps@education.vic.gov.au