Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 1 - Week 8 - 2022

Principal News

It has been a busy week at Wallington Primary School as we begin to transition back into group activities, cross age activities, sporting opportunities and cross school activities (still in a modified format). It is great to see happy, vibrant students working purposefully during class time and happy energetic children in the yard at breaks as I move around the school. We have also faced some challenges this week around staffing and we appreciate our students and families understanding and flexibility with this.

Division Swimming 
On Tuesday the 22nd March, Lola S (Grade 6) competed in the division swimming trials at Kardinia Aquatic Centre.  Lola competed in freestyle and backstroke and placed 13th for freestyle and 2nd in backstroke.  With a top 5 place, Lola will be moving on to the Regional Swimming Competition. Congratulations Lola, we are all very proud of you and wish you the best of luck at Regionals!

SSV Golf
On Wednesday 23rd March Isaac S, Lincoln B and Sam S represented Wallington Primary school and competed against 45 other students from the district in the SSV Primary School Golf at Ocean Grove Golf Club.
In the major placings, Isaac placed 2nd and Sam placed 4th, with top 5 places, Isaac and Sam have progressed to the Region Final to be held at Curlewis later in the year. Well done also to Lincoln at only his second golf event.

COVIDSafe Updates
The Victorian Government has announced a 6-week extension of some of the COVIDSafe measures for schools. 
In summary, there will continue to be a focus on the “3Vs” of ventilation, vaccination and vital COVIDSafe steps. This will see either a continuation or elimination of the following:

  • The use of rapid antigen tests (RATs) as a screening tool will continue for the remainder of term 1 and families should anticipate receiving their next allocation this week.
  • Victorians aged over 5 years are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinations are available at state vaccination centres, participating GP clinics, pharmacies, or community health services. Please chat to your local GP for more information. 
  • Face Masks - staff, students (Years 3-6) and on-site visitors/volunteers will be required to wear a face mask when indoors.

Prep 2023 Enrolments
We have begun taking enrolments for Prep for next year – both from siblings of current students and from new families to Wallington. If you have a child currently attending 4-year-old kindergarten and are looking to enrol them for Prep 2023, please complete the enrolment form which is available by CLICKING HERE or from the General Office.

Anxiety in Children

The following is from the Beyond Blue website https://healthyfamilies.beyondblue.org.au/age-6-12/mental -health-conditions-in-children/anxiety

Anxiety is part of our survival instinct. When we’re faced with a threatening situation, our brains and bodies respond by kicking into safety mode. Our adrenalin starts pumping, helping us get ready to escape the danger. However some people, including children, react more quickly or intensely to situations they find threatening, or find it harder to get their anxious feelings under control. Some kids also perceive the world to be scarier or more dangerous than others.

What is ‘normal’ anxiety in kids?

Fearful and anxious behaviour is common in children – especially as they come across new situations and experiences. Most children learn to cope with different fears and worries. However, they may need some extra support when: they feel anxious more than other children of a similar age; anxiety stops them participating in activities at school or socially; anxiety interferes with their ability to do things that other children their age can do; their fears and worries seem out of proportion to the issues in their life.

How anxiety affects children

As well as affecting how kids feel, anxiety can have an effect on their thinking. They perceive the fear or danger they’re worried about to be much greater than it actually is. Thinking about the situation makes them more worried and tense.

Kids experiencing anxiety may come up with their own strategies to try and manage distressing situations. This often involves trying to avoid the situation or having a parent or other adult deal with it for them. While this works in the short term, avoiding the fearful situation makes it more likely that they’ll feel anxious and be unable to manage it next time. As a result, they can find it harder to cope with everyday stresses at home, school and in social settings.

Anxiety can also result in physical symptoms such as sleeplessness, diarrhoea, stomach aches and headaches (sometimes referred to as somatic complaints). Other symptoms may include irritability, difficulty concentrating and tiredness.

Strategies to support anxious children

When kids have anxious thoughts or feelings, a common response from the adults in their lives is to step in and solve the problem. If they’re terrified of dogs, it’s pretty reasonable to keep them away from the pitbull next door….right? Well, not really. By helping children avoid scary situations, you’re reinforcing and fuelling their anxiety. They’re also missing out on opportunities to develop coping skills and prove to themselves they can deal with the anxious thought or feeling next time it comes up. The best thing you can do for your child is to help them learn how to cope with anxiety.

10 strategies to try:

  1. Start by slowing down
  2. Make time to worry
  3. Climb that ladder
  4. Encourage positive thinking
  5. Have a go
  6. Model helpful coping
  7. Help your child take charge
  8. Be upfront about scary stuff
  9. Be BRAVE
  10. And finally, check your own behaviour

Remember, the goal for most kids isn't to eliminate anxiety completely. It's really about giving them the skills to manage anxiety, so it doesn't get in the way of enjoying life.

Parents and Friends


Friday 7th April                        Easter Morning Tea
Friday 29th April                      P&F Meeting 9am Hall
Tuesday 3rd May                      Mothers Day Stall

Easter Morning Tea – Thursday 7th April
The Easter Morning Tea is available to order via QKR now. 
On offer are 3 different varieties of hot cross bun and also flavoured milks.
Orders are via QKR only, and must be in by Monday 28th March 3pm – No late orders will be accepted. 
If your child has allergy requirements you are welcome to leave a comparable morning tea at the office on the day and we will distribute it with the other orders.

Guess the Eggs in the Jar
P&F are running our Guess the eggs in the jar competition again this year.  The jar is now available outside the office to have your guess!  It is a gold coin donation per guess with all money going to the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal.
Guesses must be in by Thursday 31st March with the winner announced at assembly on Friday 1st April.
Parents, Teachers and Friends are also welcome to have a guess!

Collection of Bread Bags and Bread Tags
P&F are running 2 collections;
1. Breadtags for wheelchairs – drop your plastic bread tags off at the box at the office. The Ocean Grove Scouts will collect these for the “Breadtags for wheelchairs” charity
2. Wonderwhite Recycling Rewards – Our school will be participating in this program.  From 1st June 2022, there will be a collection bin at the office to collect your clean bread bags. But you can start collecting at home now! The easiest way to do this is to fill one bread bag with approx 14-16 bread bags, then drop this off once the Collection bin is available.  Our aim is to collect 25kg of breadbags, which will get us rewards for our school to redeem new sports equipment.

Tesselaar Bulb Orders
Orders are fully online via our personal website https://www.bulbfundraiser.com.au/wallingtonps 
Orders will be delivered directly to your home and are dispatched within 72hours of ordering.  40% commission of all orders comes back to P&F for use on future school activities.  Bulbs are available to order from now until 15th April 2022.  We are also putting a tub on the drawers opposite the office for anyone who would like to donate a tulip bulb to make a summer tulip patch at the school. Your support is much appreciated.

Suggestion Box
As a flow on from our “Pick my project” competition last year, P&F have decided to run an all year suggestion box!  This is located in one of the drawers opposite the office. Write your suggestion about anything you would like at the school.  This may be equipment or suggestions that P&F may be able to fund or assist with. These will be collected and reviewed at our monthly P&F meetings. If you are suggesting an “item”, please also include a weblink or attach additional information.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting will be on Friday 29th April 9am in the hall.  All welcome to come along for a coffee and chat and see how you can get involved with P&F in 2022.

Notice Board


Student headphones are available for purchase from the office if your child needs them.  These are labelled with your child’s name and kept in the classroom.  You can purchase via QKR app or pay Eftpos at the office.

Wanted in the Art Room
Any unwanted ‘junk’ jewellery (brooches, earrings, necklaces) for an art project.  Please leave at the front office over the next two weeks.
Thanks so much,  
Mrs Bishop

2nd Hand Uniform Shop
As the cooler weather approaches, please send your child to school with a jumper.  The 2nd Hand Uniform Shop (located in the dining area at the back of the hall) has jumpers for sale for a gold coin donation.

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep/1 T



For always following school expectations in and out of the classroom.  You are a great role model!  Well done Rio!


Prep/1 M



For always following school expectations in and out of the classroom. It is a pleasure to have you in the Prep/1M classroom.  Congratulations Josh, you are a Superstar.

Prep/1 F



For always listening to and following instructions. You always try to complete your work to the highest possible standard. You should be extremely proud of your efforts. Well Done!

2 T



For always following our school and classroom expectations. You are always in uniform, you are organised and ready to learn, and you care for your classmates and our school. What a great role-model you are Harriet, well done!

2 O



For consistently following our school expectations. You are always organised, you try your best and are willing to challenge yourself in all learning areas. Well done Charli!

3/4 V



For consistently following school expectations. You are always prepared to learn, discuss your work and give your best. Great stuff Ollie.

3/4 B


For being incredibly organised, enthusiastic and on task.  You are always a fantastic role model for our class and set yourself up to achieve at a very high standard. Awesome work Brianna.


5/6 S



For always following school and classroom expectations. Your workbook and reading log is always completed to a very high standard, meeting the success criteria. Well done Ruby and keep up the fantastic work.

5/6 B



For consistently meeting school expectations in and out of the classroom.  You are always organised, prepared to learn and complete your work to a very high standard.  Well done Griff, you are a great role model to your peers. 

Art Gallery

Year 3/4 Wacky Portrait Collages

Year 3/4 students had fun creating collage portraits from different facial parts from different people. We began with mapping out where each facial feature is on the face and then students glued on a photo of varying eyes, ears etc. Students cut out coloured paper shapes to make hair like their own and added patterned or colour paper to make a top. 

Great effort 3/4s!





15 Minute Fitness

On Tuesday mornings, the Grade 5/6's run a 15 minute fitness session for the school. This week we held a Spiderman Avatar for everyone to join and have lots of fun.

School Photo Day - Thursday 7th April 2022

Online ordering is now open for school photos on Thursday 7th April 2022. 
Follow the instructions (CLICK HERE) and use the Access Key D3BDGQB3
Please note family orders must be placed by 4.30pm Wednesday the 6th April 2022.  If you have any questions please contact Leading Image at:
P: 1800 750586.

Movie Premier - Regenerating Australia

On Thursday 17th March, Mr Stevens and four Student Leaders attended an advanced screening of Regenerating Australia at Bellarine Secondary College. Regenerating Australia is an 17 minute film about climate action and environmental redemption, written by Damon Gameau, the award winning director of 2040. After the film, the students participated in a Q&A session with Damon. Before leaving, all of the attendees proceeded to watch a 4 minute film about how regeneration is the only way forward in environmental action. 

Miley, Lola PS, Lola S and Ruby.