Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 1 - Week 9 - 2022

Principal News

Next week is our final (and 11th) week of term… It has been a big term so far and we know students and staff and families are tired and hanging in for the holidays. Enjoy the magic weather we have been having, get some good sleep and rest so we can finish the term off strong and enjoy the holidays soon.

Last Day Of Term 1- Friday, 8th April - Early 2.30pm Finish

School Council
Last night the new school Council met for the first time and had a productive meeting. The council is made up of:

  • Glen Lauder (Principal)
  • Daniel Peyton
  • Tanya Hayward
  • Natalie Baensch
  • Glenn Smethurst (President)
  • Melissa Trezise (staff)
  • Catherine Kjaerstad
  • Danielle Wilks (Vice President)
  • Katherine Henry
  • Melinda Williams (staff)

We had a great discussion around the direction of the school and our focus' for this year, Writing and Wellbeing. Some great ideas about the grounds were also tossed around and we look forward to improvements that can be made to make the grounds an engaging place for our students.

Basketball Rings Update
Over the holidays the basketball rings will be replaced with a pair of new rings!! We are also looking for a volunteer to help assemble some portable rings we have for the younger students. Please contact me if you can help.

Pupil Free Days
Apologies for the delay in getting these to you but we have been waiting on confirmation of dates for professional learning days.  They are;

  • Monday 30th May
  • Friday 26th August
  • Friday 28th October

Strawberry Fair Auction News
The donations for the Strawberry Fair Auction continue to roll in. The generosity of the community is incredible. A special shoutout to Queenscliff Golf Club for donating 4 rounds of golf with 2 carts. The beautiful course is nestled on stunning Swan Island and is a renowned course on the Bellarine Peninsula.  If 18 holes isn’t your thing, why not enjoy a beer and burger at Blackman's Brewery in the main street of Ocean Grove. Blackman's Brewery have also come on board as a bronze sponsor, providing both vouchers for the restaurant and craft beers for a night in with friends. 
If you have any questions regarding the auction, please come and see me at school or send an me email: pipgent05@gmail.com


COVIDSafe Updates
Like many other communities we continue to navigate the positive cases and household contacts. We miss all the kids and staff who have been impacted and look forward to seeing them back asap! We will continue to notify you when/if there are positive cases as we have been doing and encourage you to keep RA testing. It may be worthwhile discussing as a family what your contingency plan is if COVID-19 impacts your family.

Today we also had an additional 11 air purifiers delivered to the school so they will be out in classrooms shortly, just in time for the cooler months.

Please also be aware that the current COVID situation is impacting our ability to source replacement/relief teachers and there may be times that we need to combine grades. This is a last resort option but will unfortunately be a possibility on some days.

In summary, there will continue to be a focus on the “3Vs” of ventilation, vaccination and vital COVIDSafe steps. This will see either a continuation or elimination of the following:

  • The use of rapid antigen tests (RATs) as a screening tool will continue for the remainder of term 1 and families should anticipate receiving their next allocation next week.
  • Victorians aged over 5 years are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinations are available at state vaccination centres, participating GP clinics, pharmacies, or community health services. Please chat to your local GP for more information. 
  • Face Masks - staff, students (Years 3-6) and on-site visitors/volunteers will be required to wear a face mask when indoors.

Prep 2023 Enrolments
We have begun taking enrolments for Prep for next year – both from siblings of current students and from new families to Wallington. If you have a child currently attending 4-year-old kindergarten and are looking to enrol them for Prep 2023, please complete the enrolment form which is available by CLICKING HERE or from the General Office.


Snip your Way to Fine Motor Skills

Scissor activities are an excellent way to promote fine motor skills, improve hand–eye coordination and aid concentration. Here are some scissor activities you can do at home to help your child with their learning.

Children should always be supervised and ensure the scissors are put away in a safe place once they have finished. Additionally, age-appropriate scissors should be provided to your child.

Cuttting Playdough

This activity works best for younger school children learning how to write. The muscles in the hand are used for fine motor skills, which your child needs for proper pencil grip. Encourage your child to try and cut through playdough to help strengthen those muscles. You could even make a game of it by pretending your child is working in a sausage factory.

Paper Plate Snake Spiral

Give your child a paper plate and challenge them to make a snake. They can do this by cutting the paper plate into a spiral. Tell them the aim of the game is to make the snake as long as they can without breaking it.

Paper Snowflakes

Fold a piece of paper up into quarters and encourage your child to cut holes in it. When they open the paper, they will have a beautiful snowflake which can be attached to a window.

Parents and Friends

Friday 7th April                 Easter Morning Tea
Friday 29th April               P&F Meeting 9am Hall
Tuesday 3rd May               Mothersday Stall

Guess the Eggs in the Jar
P&F are running our Guess the eggs in the jar competition again this year.  The jar is now available in the office to have your guess!  It is a gold coin donation per guess with all money going to the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal.  Guesses must be in by TODAY with the winner announced at assembly TOMORROW.  Parents, Teachers and Friends are also welcome to have a guess!

Collection of Bread Bags and Bread Tags
P&F are running 2 collections;
1.     Breadtags for wheelchairs – drop your plastic bread tags off at the box at the office. The Ocean Grove Scouts will collect these for the “Breadtags for wheelchairs” charity.
2.     Wonderwhite Recycling Rewards – Our school will be participating
in this program. From 1st June 2022, there is a collection bag at the office to collect your clean bread bags. But you can start collecting at home now! The easiest way to do this is to fill one bread bag with approx 14-16 bread bags, then drop this off once the collection bin is available. Our aim is to collect 25kg of breadbags, which will get us rewards for our school to redeem new sports equipment.

Tesselaar Bulb Orders
Orders are fully online via our personal website https://www.bulbfundraiser.com.au/wallingtonps
Orders will be delivered directly to your home and are dispatched within 72hours of ordering.  40% commission of all orders comes back to P&F for use on future school activities.  Bulbs are available to order from now until 15th April 2022.

Suggestion Box
As a flow on from our “Pick my project” competition last year, P&F have decided to run an all year suggestion box!  This is located in one of the drawers opposite the office. Write your suggestion about anything you would like at the school.  This may be equipment or suggestions that P&F may be able to fund or assist with. These will be collected at reviewed at our Monthly P&F meetings. If you are suggesting an “item”, please also include a weblink or attach additional information.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting will be on Friday 29th April at 9am in the hall.  All welcome to come along for a coffee and chat and see how you can get involved with P&F in 2022.  You can keep up to date with our news and information by following us on facebook “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep/1 T



For always ensuring our learning environment is tidy and safe for your fellow  students  to move around.  You are a very responsible member of Prep / 1 T.  Well done Violet!


Prep/1 M



For always being responsible when moving safely around the classroom. You are always kind and caring towards others in our classroom. Well done  Genevieve!

Prep/1 F



For making good choices when moving around the classroom and being a safe and responsible student. You are always patient and responsible when stacking and unstacking your chair. Great work!

2 T



For always moving around the classroom in a safe way, you take care to give everyone space and you are always aware of the people around you. Keep up the good work Grace!

2 O



For being responsible when moving around the classroom, you are always aware of others and are kind and caring towards your peers. Well done Kody

3/4 V



For being aware of other students and moving around in a manner not to disrupt their working environment. Wonderful stuff Grace.

3/4 B


Well done Lily on always having a purpose to what you do.  You have your space neat and ready to go and you provide a great example for others by choosing to be calm and responsible, when moving between areas within our class and the school grounds.


3/4 M



For always being prepared and organised for each lesson. You are always respectful of others and their learning environment both within the classroom and around the school. Well done!

5/6 S



For always showing a high level of responsibility and care when moving around our school yard and in between classrooms. You are a great role model for your classmates, well done Rose!

5/6 B



For continuously demonstrating a high level of responsibility and respect when moving between classes or around our school. You are particularly responsible when getting and returning laptops - well done Liz!

School Photo Day - Thursday 7th April 2022

Online ordering is now open for school photos on Thursday 7th April 2022. 
Follow the instructions (CLICK HERE) and use the Access Key D3BDGQB3
Please note family orders must be placed by 4.30pm Wednesday the 6th April 2022.  If you have any questions please contact Leading Image at:
P: 1800 750586.

Student Fundraiser - Colour Day - Tuesday 5th April 2022

Our Term Leaders have organised a fundraiser for this term.
Next Tuesday, 5th April will be Colour Day where students are asked to dress in their favourite colour for a gold coin donation which will be supporting Dolly's Dream Foundation.  Please CLICK HERE for further details.