Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 1 - Week 10 - 2022

Principal News


Last Day Of Term 1- Friday, 8th April
Early 2.30pm Finish

It has been an amazingly long and busy term, the first full term that we have had at school in 2 years! We have certainly ramped things up with excursions, incursions, sports, etc and it is nearly time for a well-deserved rest. Thank you to all students, staff, and families for your contribution to Term 1 being so productive and focussed on our core business of maximising outcomes for each student.
Please enjoy the holidays and we will see everyone on Tuesday 26th April after ANZAC day. 

Strawberry Fair Auction News
New to the Auction tent this week:
Time to kick back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Port Phillip Bay aboard the Port Phillip Ferry. With so much to see and do, the 3 x family passes donated for the auction will be sure to make a great day out with family & friends. 
Another incredible donation on behalf of a WPS family, the Moar family for those wanting to put a shine back into their car. A $500 car detailing voucher! Andrew and Anna Moar are the owners of Surf Coast Customs. Although no one plans to damage their car, Surf Coast Customs will make the repair process as transparent and painless as possible. Andrew will ensure your better half will never find out about your bingle! 
We are incredibly fortunate to have such a generous community, the Strawberry Fair Auction will have something for everyone. From scooters and a toy store voucher, to fine dining and luxury Lon Retreat & Spa products. Be sure to pop in at the auction tent at the fair and place your bids.


Basketball Rings Update
In the second week of the holidays the basketball rings will be replaced with a pair of new rings!!

Pupil Free Days
Apologies for the delay in getting these to you but we have been waiting on confirmation of dates for professional learning days.

  • Monday 30th May
  • Friday 26th August
  • Friday 28th October

RAT Screening Program Extension
The Victorian Government has announced it is extending the RAT screening program for the first 4 weeks of Term 2. Thank you to all students and families who have played their role in regularly testing – we know that hasn’t been easy.
Your work has seen COVID-19 cases being picked up at the earliest opportunity, meaning less cases in our school and more time in the classroom for our students.
The testing recommendations will remain the same next Term for students and staff with:

  • Mainstream schools – recommended to test at home twice a week
  • Specialist schools – recommended to test 5 days a week at home due to the higher risk of severe illness for medically vulnerable children

Rapid Tests will be sent home in the first week back.
As we approach winter and flu season, the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 and booster shots for students 16+ remains the best way to ensure protection for students and staff. The Easter break is a good opportunity to get your child vaccinated ahead of this, with many options across GPs, pharmacies and the state run vaccination clinics.
If you have any concerns or worries about getting your child vaccinated, please get in contact with your GP or another health professional who can answer your concerns.

Prep 2023 Enrolments
We have begun taking enrolments for Prep for next year – both from siblings of current students and from new families to Wallington. If you have a child currently attending 4-year-old kindergarten and are looking to enrol them for Prep 2023, please complete the enrolment form which is available by CLICKING HERE or from the General Office.


The 4Rs: recharge, reflect, reset, restart

We all know the three Rs of school, but what about the four Rs of the holidays? Follow these steps to help your child get ready for the new term.


Try to give your child (and yourself) plenty of downtime so that you are all relaxed and refreshed by the time school starts again. If you can, keep the final days of the holidays quiet, rather than tiring everyone out with last-minute activities.


Reflecting on the past and making resolutions for the future is not just for adults. It’s a great way to help your child learn from their experiences of the last school term and set themselves up for the next. There’s no need to hold a formal ‘review’, just find some time to talk with your child about:

  • things they did and didn’t like about school last year
  • things they feel they did and didn’t do well
  • things they’d like to do and achieve this year.

Then talk about what your child can do to achieve their goals, and how you can help them. If they had some challenges last term, talk about what happened and why, and work out what your child (and you) can do this term so they have a better time. When your child has strategies for handling problems of the past, backed up by your support, they are much more likely to start the new school term with a positive mindset.


The new school term gives every child a fresh start. At school your child will also have more independence, responsibilities, and opportunities, so it’s a good time to think about giving them more at home too. Here are some areas to consider:

  • personal responsibility – making their own lunches, unpacking their school bag
  • family contribution – setting the table, putting away washing
  • routines – bedtimes
  • privileges – screen time, TV programs.


A gradual transition from ‘holiday mode’ to ‘school mode’ makes the first day back much easier, so start getting back into the school routine a few days before the term starts. Involve your child in getting all their school things ready and check how they are feeling about going back to school.

Then make sure they get a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast, give them a big hug, and send them off to class knowing that you’ve given them a great start to the school year!

This article is reproduced from Learning Potential, a product of the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. For more great articles visit www.learningpotential.gov.au and download the app.

Parents and Friends

Friday 29th April             P&F Meeting 9am Hall
Tuesday 3rd May             Mothers Day Stall

Entertainment memberships
P&F are selling entertainment memberships. Memberships are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. P&F receives 20% commission on memberships sold. Fantastic for holiday savings on food, entertainment and travel. You can purchase your membership via this link:

Collection of Bread Bags and Bread Tags
P&F are running 2 collections;
1.     Breadtags for wheelchairs – drop your plastic bread tags off at the box at the office. The Ocean Grove Scouts will collect these for the “Breadtags for wheelchairs” charity.
2.     Wonderwhite Recycling Rewards – Our school will be participating
in this program. From 1st June 2022, there is a collection bag at the office to collect your clean bread bags. But you can start collecting at home now! The easiest way to do this is to fill one bread bag with approx 14-16 bread bags, then drop this off once the collection bin is available. Our aim is to collect 25kg of breadbags, which will get us rewards for our school to redeem new sports equipment.

Tesselaar Bulb Orders
Orders are fully online via our personal website https://www.bulbfundraiser.com.au/wallingtonps
Orders will be delivered directly to your home and are dispatched within 72hours of ordering.  40% commission of all orders comes back to P&F for use on future school activities.  Bulbs are available to order from now until 15th April 2022.

Suggestion Box
As a flow on from our “Pick my project” competition last year, P&F have decided to run an all year suggestion box!  This is located in one of the drawers opposite the office. Write your suggestion about anything you would like at the school.  This may be equipment or suggestions that P&F may be able to fund or assist with. These will be collected at reviewed at our Monthly P&F meetings. If you are suggesting an “item”, please also include a weblink or attach additional information.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting will be on Friday 29th April at 9am in the hall.  All welcome to come along for a coffee and chat and see how you can get involved with P&F in 2022.  You can keep up to date with our news and information by following us on facebook “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”

Strawberry Fair Information / Newsletters


Do you or a relative/friend have a fence in a prominant location? If so, we would love your permission to pop a sign on it to promote our Strawberry Fair.  Please text your address details to Amber on 0410 693 439 and a sign will be put up over the holidays.   Many thanks.

Strawberry Fair Newsletter 2022 Issue 3

Strawberry Fair Newsletter 2022 Issue 2

Strawberry Fair Newsletter 2022 Issue 1

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep/1 T



For taking care of your personal belongings and for being a very responsible member of Prep/1T. You are always helping with keeping our classroom nice and tidy.  Congratulations Isla!


Prep/1 M



For always tidying up our classroom, looking after your personal belongings and ensuring your working space is tidy. You are a responsible member of Prep/1 M.  Well done  George!

Prep/1 F



For always keeping your learning space and the classroom clean and tidy. You look after your own belongings by using them responsibly and putting them away after use. You are a fantastic role model!

2 T



For always looking after your belongings. You keep your locker tub tidy and always put things back where they belong. Your bag is where it should be and your workspace is organised. You set a great example Billie, well done!

2 O



For keeping your learning space and our classroom clean and tidy. You always take pride in your workbooks and the presentation of your work.  Your work is always beautiful and neat. You are a fantastic role model Alba, well done!!

3/4 V



For the effort you are putting in to caring for your belongings, looking after your books and taking care of your pet you brought to share with the class. Great stuff Summer.

3/4 B


Well having incredible organisational skills and setting the tone for how our class should set themselves up to be organised! Well done Toby


3/4 M



For being super organised and always ready for learning.  You are a great role model for your classmates.  Well done Edi.

5/6 S



For always taking fantastic care of all of your belongings in the classroom. You are a fantastic role model to the other students in your class. Well done Lewis and keep up the fantastic work.

5/6 B



For consistently taking care of all your belongings in your classroom. You are always respectful to others and a responsible year 6 leader. Well done Ella and keep up the good work.

Notice Board

CHESS FOR SCHOOLS at Wallington P.S.  

Is your child interested in learning and playing CHESS?  CHESS FOR SCHOOLS have confirmed that they are available to start CHESS at Wallington P.S. after school on Mondays commencing on the 2nd of May.  A minimum of 10 children are required so please register.  CLICK HERE for information and registration details.


Do you or a relative/friend have a fence in a prominant location? If so, we would love your permission to pop a sign on it to promote our Strawberry Fair.  Please text your address details to Amber on 0410 693 439 and a sign will be put up over the holidays.   Many thanks.

OPEN DAY at Leopold Kindergarten

The Leopold Kindergarten OPEN DAY will be held on Monday the 23rd May between 2pm and 4pm.  All welcome.

Bravehearts P-2 Incursion

On Tuesday 29th of March, our Preps and 1/2s attended an incursion for Bravehearts.

The Bravehearts’ Ditto show is a live interactive performance starring Bravehearts’ mascot “Ditto”, incorporating song, dance and easy to remember messages about personal safety. The children learnt ‘Ditto’s 3 rules’, which are:

  1. We all have the right to feel safe with people.
  2. It’s ok to say NO if you feel unsafe or unsure.
  3. Nothing is so yucky that you can’t tell someone about it.

It is a great program, empowering children with personal safety skills and knowledge giving them the tools to stay safe.

If you would like to know more about Bravehearts and child personal safety, you can download Bravehearts’ free personal safety parents and carers guide from the Bravehearts website: bravehearts.org.au/personalsafety 

Lunch Orders - Fresh Meal Fairy


Fresh Meal Fairy offers a canteen service to our school on Wednesdays! Fresh Meal Fairy offer a healthy canteen menu that includes a great variety of options for even the fussiest of eaters. All ordering is done online, and parents will need to register (CLICK HERE for instructions) and set up an account on SCHOOL24.