Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 8 - 2022

Principal News

Students out in the Community

Over the past week or so we have had many of our students out and about at various sporting events representing the school. I have had some wonderful feedback about how well behaved they were, what great sportsmanship they showed and how they had a red hot go at everything. It makes me very proud to be part of this school when we get such great feedback and it is a credit to them, their parents, and their teachers. Well done to everyone!


Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on Wednesday 20th July between 10am - 7pm (second week of Term 3).
Reports will go home on Monday 20th June.
Reporting is a two-pronged approach:

  • Written reports will provide a broad overview of the curriculum covered and your child's achievement against the standards. They will also provide an update on your child's ability to work with others, their organisational skills and participation in school life.
  • Parent/Teacher interviews will provide the detailed information about your child's progress and the next steps that need to be taken in their learning and will give you an opportunity to ask questions regarding your child's progress.

Normal classes will not run-on Wednesday 20th July and students are not required to attend school. An alternative program will be run on the day for students who require supervision. Closer to the date we will ask for an indication of those who will need supervision.
Parent/Teacher Interviews can now be booked through the Sentral Parent Portal. If you are not registered for the Parent Portal, please contact me.

End of Term Arrangements

Next Friday, 24th June, is the last day of Term 2. Please note, students will be dismissed from school at 2:30pm next Friday. Term 3 will commence on Monday, 11th July at 9am.

Emergency Procedures

Lock downs and evacuation drills are an important part of our OH&S emergency procedures, and we will be conducting an evacuation drill next week. Staff talk to students in preparation for these events and work as a team to practice the procedure in the event of an emergency. Please discuss this with your children and how important their cooperation is in these drills. 

What to do if your child gets sick

We are currently experiencing a wave of illness going through the school (mainly colds and flu). To help keep your child and our school community safe, please take the following steps if your child has any cold or flu-like symptoms:

  • take a COVID-19 test and follow the current Department of Health isolation requirements if a positive result is shown
  • keep your child at home until their symptoms pass
  • common flu-like symptoms include a high fever, cough, runny nose, loss of appetite, body aches and feeling extremely weak and tired
  • diagnosis of the flu can only be confirmed by a doctor after a nose or throat swab
  • encourage your child to wash their hands regularly and ask them to cover their nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing.

Prep 2023 Enrolments

Enrolments for Prep for next year are rolling in – both from siblings of current students and from new families to Wallington. If you have a child currently attending 4-year-old kindergarten and are looking to enrol them for Prep 2023, please complete the enrolment forms which are available from the General Office.

App Checklist for Parents

Attached to today’s newsletter is a handy checklist for letting your children use different apps. The main messages are:

  • Do your research
  • Check the age rating and requirements (extremely important)
  • Consider privacy
  • Check the permissions and other settings – read the community guidelines and ask yourself some questions
  • Safety check

eSafety tip: Let you child know they can come to you for help if anything makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe and they won’t be in trouble. You can help them report serious online abuse to the eSafety Commissioner.

Please see the checklist (CLICK HERE) for the full list of suggestions

Parents and Friends

Friday  15th July                         P&F Meeting 9am Hall
28th July – 12th August           P&F Rolling Pin Pie Drive
Thursday 15th September      Footy Colours Day/Special Footy Lunch

Entertainment Memberships
P&F are selling Entertainment memberships. Memberships are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.  P&F receives 20% commission on memberships sold.  Fantastic for holiday savings on food, entertainment and travel. You can purchase your membership via this link:


Breadbag Recycling Box Now at the Office
Our school will be participating in the Wonderwhite recycling rewards program.  The easiest way to do this is to fill one bread bag with other bread bags then drop this off in the collection bin.  Our aim is to collect 25kg of breadbags, which will get us rewards for our school to redeem new sports equipment.

Next Meeting
Will be on Friday 15th July 9am in the school hall.  All welcome to come along for a coffee and chat and see how you can get involved with P&F in 2022. We aim to keep meetings no longer than 1hr in duration.
You can keep up to date with our news and information by following us on facebook “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”

Art Gallery

Year 3/4 Clay Fish

Inspired by American artist Kimmy Cantrell, Year 3/4 students created a fish shape from air dry clay, adding on 3D parts and patterns.  Students cut off the tail, added holes and reconnected the tail to the body with wire.  Some students added beads to the wire.  Once dried, students used oil-pastels to colour the fish and covered it with black ink to show a resist effect.  We created a background on cardboard, painting with a brush and then using a scraper to make waves.

They look fantastic!  Great effort 3/4 students.

Notice Board

Whole School Photo 

A 'whole school photo' will be taken by Leading Image on Thursday the 23rd June 2022 at 9:30am.

CSEF (Camp, Sports & Excursion Fund)

The CSEF payment has been made to parents/guardians who have applied.  Applications are still open for eligible families (CLICK HERE for Application Form).  If you are a holder of a concession card and fit the criteria listed (CLICK HERE for Information Flyer), please submit your application form by (tomorrow) Friday 17th June 2022. For any questions please check with the office or send us an email at: wallington.ps@education.vic.gov.au
Prep students who are eligible for CSEF payments may also apply for a Winter Uniform Package this term (CLICK HERE for Application Form).