Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 4 - Week 2 - 2022

Principal News

I hope everyone is staying dry in this wet weather!

2023 Grade Planning

2023 planning is well underway, and we are beginning to look at the composition of our classes for next year. Students will be provided with a Friendship Slip to complete, allowing them to choose friends they would like to be placed with in 2023. We want these completed in consultation with parents - it assists children to make good decisions. Friendship requests on these slips are not in order of importance, and we make every attempt to accommodate at least one of these requests. The teachers take both friendships, learning and the learning environment into account when putting the classes together. It is helpful to discuss how important it is to think of students your child works well with in the classroom when thinking about who to write on their slip.

 Questions to ask might include:

  • Who helps you to learn in the classroom?
  • Who is the person you like to work with because you get lots achieved?
  • Who is a child who you know works hard and when you sit beside them you do too?
  • Is there a friend on your list who you like to play with but would distract you from learning?
  • Who is someone you enjoy working with because you achieve success and get great results when you do?

We will not be accepting requests for teachers as we are unable to meet these.

If your child/ren is/are not returning to Wallington in 2023 (other than graduating Grade 6s) please let the school know in writing asap.

Geelong Cup Public Holiday next Wednesday 19th October

Just a reminder we will be closed for Geelong Cup as it is a gazetted public holiday for our area.

Pupil Free Day Reminder Friday 28th October

Don’t forget the student free day on Friday 28th October. Staff will be undertaking Day 2 of Berry St Positive Education professional learning and will be offsite.

Pupil Free Day Notification

Please pencil in the following student free days into your diaries:

  • Monday 19th December
  • Tuesday 20th December

These days will be used for 2023 planning and professional learning.

Uniform Shop

Just a reminder that DCS clothing have taken over as our uniform supplier and all school uniform requirements can be ordered online via https://www.dcsuniforms.com.au/collections/wallington-primary-school

Each Thursday, DCS will deliver to schools (Surfside PS and Ocean Grove PS too) and if there are any sizing issues, will quickly work to resolving them. All three schools met with DCS last term to ask questions and have any concerns resolved and we all agreed that we believed DCS will be able to fulfill our schools’ requirements. 


It’s that time of year that SunSmart hats are compulsory.
No excuses! Those without a SunSmart hat will be directed to the undercover area near the basketball court. Don’t forget sunscreen too!   Hats can be purchased from the Office for $15 for a limited time. 
In the not too distant future, hats, bags and satchels will be supplied by DCS.


Online Safety Basics

Help your children safely navigate their digital world and educate them to avoid harmful online experiences. Explore websites, games, apps and social media together and set some rules. 

Your support and guidance can give your children the confidence to make sound decisions online ― and ask for help when they need it. 

Three key strategies

1.       Be engaged, open and supportive

  • Get involved. Share online time with your children as part of family life. Play games together. Talk about favourite apps, games or websites.
  • Keep lines of communication open. Ask about their online experiences, who they are talking to and whether they are having any issues.
  • Reassure your child they can always come to you, no matter what. Let them know you will not cut off internet access if they report feeling uncomfortable or unsafe when online ― this is a real concern that may stop your child from communicating with you openly.
  • If you notice a change in behaviour or mood, talk to your child about it. If you are concerned, consider seeking professional help ― from your GP, a psychologist or school counsellor.

2.       Set some rules

  • Set age-appropriate rules for devices and online access, with consequences for breaking them.
  • Ensure your child’s input — this will help them understand risks. As they get older you can review your rules together. 
  • Consider creating a family tech agreement (sometimes called a family media plan or family online safety agreement). A family tech agreement is a set of rules about how devices, like smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and gaming consoles are used in your home. It is written down and agreed to by all family members and kept in a place where everyone can see it, such as on the fridge.
  • Your family tech agreement could cover the type of websites that can be visited, time spent online and acceptable online behaviour. 
  • eSafety has created our own version of a Family Tech Agreement, in collaboration with ABC KIDS, especially designed for families with children under 5. You can download this and fill it in with your family. Another example, from ThinkUKnow Australia, can also be a good starting point for families with older children.
  • The consequences for breaking the rules should be clear. Negotiate these with your child when you create your agreement so they mean something to them — Raising Children Network has some useful tips and advice.
  • Consider making some ‘rules for parents’ too — and stick to them! Model behaviour that you would like to see.

3.       Use the available technology



Parents and Friends

Wednesday 19th October          Mango orders close
Saturday 22nd October              Family Portrait Fundraiser
Thursday 27th October              World Teachers Day morning tea
Friday 4th November                 P&F November meeting 9am hall
Friday 11th November               Wallington Family Disco Club Italia
Friday 9th December                  Christmas Family Picnic

The Wallington Family Disco is back!
Friday 11th November at Club Italia in Moolap from 6pm – 9pm.
Tickets sales close 26th October.
$20 Adults, $16 children includes a meal.
Extended family and friends are also welcome to attend.
Please CLICK HERE for flyer.

Mango Orders
Mangoes are back again for 2022.
This year they are $25.00 for an approx 7kg tray.
Orders are on QKR only and must be in by Wednesday 19th October.
Delivery will be mid December and pick up will be from the hall – date TBC.
Please CLICK HERE for flyer.

Family Portrait Fundraiser
Is on Saturday 22nd October.
Bookings can be made here:
Please CLICK HERE for flyer.

Next Meeting
Will be on Friday 4th November 9am School Hall.
We would love for more parents to come along to our meetings. Meetings are aimed to be kept no longer than 1hour in duration.
You can keep up to date with our news and information by following us on facebook “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”.

Notice Board

In Preparation for Swimming......

In preparation for swimming it is important that students start, if not already, practicing dressing themselves independently. Ear infections can also become a problem if students have not been swimming for a long period of time. Germs that live in the ear can be stirred by the water and can cause infections. As a preventatlive measure, wearing swimming plugs and using swimming ear drops may help. It is a good idea to have any student new to swimming to practice using their goggles in the bath and to get use to getting their face wet in the shower prior to swimming.
Students must be in full school uniform at school, with their bathers under their uniform. This allows   for a quick change once at the pool. Please remember to pack your named clothes  (underwear,  towel, goggles etc) in a named dry plastic bag for wet gear.
Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the Swimming Information/Permission Notice.

Whole School House Sports

A note for your diaries........the whole house school sports will be held on Friday 2nd December, 2022 at Barwon Heads Village Park.

GOOD LUCK to Hugo G who is competing in Discus at the Western Metropolitan Regional Athletics on Tuesday. Go Hugo!!!

Whole School Photos for Sale

We have a very limited number of whole school photos for sale at $12 each.  Order & payment via QKR.

GMHBA Healthy Heroes Parent Event

Join us after school on Wednesday the 9th of November to complete a range of activities together as a child and parent or carer team. As a partnership you will have the opportunity to complete several resilience building activity stations that feature our Geelong Football Club AFLM and AFLW players, enjoy some of the yummy snacks available and collect a few special goodies along the way to take home.
**Places strictly limited. Participation confirmation will be emailed prior to the event****

Who:     Parents, Carers and Children
What:    A free one hour event to participate in the Geelong Cats GMHBA
             Healthy Hero activities 
When:   Wednesday 9 November 4–5PM
Where:  Deakin Cats Community Centre, GMHBA Stadium, Geelong
Why:     To encourage children and parents and carers to LEARN, LIVE &                     LEAD our key health messages

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep/1 T



For always keeping your table tidy and  helping keep the classroom neat and clean. You are always organised and ready to learn. Well done Everly.

Prep/1 M



For always having a tidy, neat table and looking after your belongings. You always treat school belongings with respect and you are a good example of demonstrating Responsibility to the class. Well done George!

Prep/1 F



For always keeping your table and book box tidy. You make sure you put your books and stationery away after each lesson and even help others to do the same. Great work!

2 T



For always looking after your belongings and keeping your locker and book box organised. Your work space is tidy and it shows that you understand what being responsible means. Well done Ella!

2 O



For always keeping your learning area neat and tidy and taking care of school belongings, you are always trying to help others. Well done Piper!

3/4 V



For taking care of the school belongings and going out of your way to help others. You should be very pleased with your selfless effort and responsibility.  Well done Taydem.

3/4 BR



For always making good choices at school. You are organised and ready to take care of Bob the turtle every morning. Great job Isaiah.

3/4 M




For always being ready and organised for learning. You take great care with your materials, belongings and think about the ‘what’s next?’ to ensure you are prepared and your work space remains tidy.  Well done Spence :)

*3/4M student choice award*

5/6 S



For keeping your learning areas tidy at all times. Well done Crystal and keep up the great work!

5/6 B




For making a huge effort to keep your learning area tidy and ready to go. Your organisation and quality of work has really improved this term. Keep up the great work!