Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 4 - Week 3 - 2022

Principal News

Dear Parents & Carers

I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday, it was nice to have a mid-week break and be able to go outside in the sunshine! Term 4 is rolling along and it is always a busy term, so please remember to check your child/ren’s diaries and the newsletter to keep up-to-date with what’s happening each week at WPS.  The calendar on our school website is updated regularly and is a great reference https://www.wallington-ps.vic.edu.au/mevents


Tomorrow at assembly the Year 1 students will be performing. Please note that originally the Preps and Year 1’s were performing together but that has changed, and the Preps will be performing another day, so just to reiterate it is ONLY YEAR 1’s performing this week.


Please ensure your child has a hat to wear at recess and lunchtimes, otherwise they will be asked to sit at the Imagination Station outside the staffroom in a supervised, shady area. Hats are available for purchase from the office for $15.
If your child has hair that is shoulder length it MUST BE TIED UP AT ALL TIMES. There are a number of students who are choosing to ignore this day after day and are having to be reminded, so if your child needs to have their hair tied up, please do it at home BEFORE they come to school. If they do not have a hair tie, one will be given to them.


Your child/ren was given a note earlier this week regarding 3 friends they would like to be placed with next year. If you did not receive one, please contact your child’s teacher or the office or CLICK HERE for a copy. These should be returned to the school at your earliest convenience.


Students across years Prep – 4 will be attending swimming lessons at the BSAC from Monday 14th November to Friday 25th November. If you have not yet returned your child’s permission note, please do so as soon as possible so we can get the numbers for buses organised. If you do not have a swimming note, please ask for one at the office or CLICK HERE for a copy.  We strongly encourage ALL students to take advantage of the school swimming program regardless of their ability level.


Don’t forget the student free day on Friday 28th October. Staff will be undertaking Day 2 of Berry St Positive Education professional learning and will be offsite.


Please pencil in the following student free days into your diaries:

  • Monday 19th December
  • Tuesday 20th December

These days will be used for 2023 planning and professional learning.
Please note that the last day of school for 2022 will be Friday 16th December.   School will finish on this day at the usual time of 3:20pm.


Please ensure that you enter all student absences on Sentral.  If you are reporting on Sentral that your child will be arriving late, please be sure to enter their estimated arrival time.  Please note that you must provide a reason for your child being absent/late.

Parents and Friends

Saturday 22nd October              Family Portrait Fundraiser
Thursday 27th October              World Teachers Day morning tea
Friday 4th November                 P&F November meeting 9am hall
Friday 11th November               Wallington Family Disco Club Italia
Friday 9th December                  Christmas Family Picnic

The Wallington Family Disco is back!
Friday 11th November at Club Italia in Moolap from 6pm – 9pm.
Tickets sales close 26th October.
$20 Adults, $16 children includes a meal.
Extended family and friends are also welcome to attend.
Please CLICK HERE for flyer.

Family Portrait Fundraiser
Is on Saturday 22nd October.
Bookings can be made here:
Please CLICK HERE for flyer.

Next Meeting
Will be on Friday 4th November 9am School Hall.
We would love for more parents to come along to our meetings. Meetings are aimed to be kept no longer than 1hour in duration.
You can keep up to date with our news and information by following us on facebook “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”.

Notice Board

Ex-Library Books for Sale

In the hallway near the 3/4V classroom there are 2 tables containing ex-library books that are for sale at the bargain price of 20 cents each.  Please feel free to pop in and have a browse.

Ribbon Wanted

The 3/4's are after some ribbon for this term. If you have any ribbon at home can you please donate it to the 3/4 teachers or hand it into the office. 
Much appractiated,
3/4 Teachers and Students

Children's Fair

Just a reminder that on Friday 4th of November is the Children's Fair. 
This is a fair run by the children for the children throughout the school day. Each class runs a stall, where students are rostered on to work and then use their spare time to visit other stalls. This is run by the children and there are no parents required on the day.
Please send your child/children with $5 - $10 in coins and in a named zip lock bag, purse or wallet. Students are able to wear casual clothes on this day, but please ensure shoulders are covered, enclosed shoes are worn, and students have their Wallington hats. Normal recess and lunch foods are to be brought on the day.
We are also running Wallington Idol this year as part of the Children's Fair where students can perform their talents. Auditions will be held next week at lunchtimes in the hall. It is free to enter and the winner will perform at assembly on the afternoon of Friday the 4th of November.

In Preparation for Swimming......

In preparation for swimming it is important that students start, if not already, practicing dressing themselves independently. Ear infections can also become a problem if students have not been swimming for a long period of time. Germs that live in the ear can be stirred by the water and can cause infections. As a preventatlive measure, wearing swimming plugs and using swimming ear drops may help. It is a good idea to have any student new to swimming to practice using their goggles in the bath and to get use to getting their face wet in the shower prior to swimming.
Students must be in full school uniform at school, with their bathers under their uniform. This allows   for a quick change once at the pool. Please remember to pack your named clothes  (underwear,  towel, goggles etc) in a named dry plastic bag for wet gear.
Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the Swimming Information/Permission Notice.

Whole School House Sports

A note for your diaries........the whole house school sports will be held on Friday 2nd December, 2022 at Barwon Heads Village Park.

Whole School Photos for Sale

We have a very limited number of whole school photos for sale at $12 each.  Order & payment via QKR.

School Uniform Supplies

DCS Uniforms are our new uniform supplier.
All our school uniform requirements can be ordered online via https://www.dcsuniforms.com.au/collections/wallington-primary-school

There will be a POP-UP UNIFORM SHOP at our school on Wednesday the 2nd November 2022 between 9:30am and 10:30am.  Please feel free to pop in to check sizings and/or place orders.

Each Thursday, DCS will deliver to schools (Surfside PS and Ocean Grove PS too) and if there are any sizing issues, they will quickly work to resolving them.  Please note that deliveries are free to our school however if you wish your order to be delivered to your home there will be a $10 delivery fee. 

A pricelist is available on the DCS website or you can CLICK HERE.

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep/1 T



For taking care of our equipment and making sure everything is put back in the correct place.
Well done Jax!

Prep/1 M



For being responsible and always making sure any equipment used is put away in its correct place. Well done Elliott!

Prep/1 F



For showing amazing responsibility skills by taking extra time to put equipment away. You take care when putting the iPads back on charge and when organising the classroom library. Well done!

2 T



For always putting your personal belongings away and our classroom resources where they belong. You help keep yourself and our classroom organised and tidy Neo. Well done!

2 O



For being responsible for yourself and others. You always look after your belongings and help care for the school equipment too.  Well done Jordon, keep up the great work!

3/4 V



For demonstrating great responsibility for yourself and others. You have looked after your own belongings and helped care for the school equipment too. You have been a good role model for your peers. Well done Theo.

3/4 BR



For helping return items in the classroom when packing up. You are able to do this quickly and efficiently. Well done on helping keep a tidy and organised learning space.

5/6 B




For always showing responsibility in and out of the classroom. You are always packed up properly and helping others to do the same. Well done Josiah, you are a great role model.