Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 4 - Week 5 - 2022

Principal News

Berry Street Positive Education Training

Last Friday all staff took part in day 2 of the Berry St training in Relationships. We went through a raft of strategies and new learning to work on developing relationships with the goal of improving student outcomes. Again, staff came away enthused and invigorated by the day.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

We have received a box of certificates for all the students who participated in the PRC recently. I can’t wait to hand them out at assembly (before I put them in a “safe” place and lose them for a while again).


Children's Fair!

It is great to have the Children’s Fair back after a 2-year hiatus. Please see below for the timetable;

  • 9:00am - 9:30am - Stall Setup
  • 9:30am - 11:30am - Children's Fair
  • 12:00pm-12:50pm (approx.) - Wallington Idol Finalists Perform & Students Vote
  • 12:50pm -1:40pm - Finish packing up/time back in classrooms
  • 2:30pm - 2:40pm - Pack Bags/Mark Rolls in classroom
  • 2:40pm - 3:20pm - Assembly (Extra time due to Idol winner performing & extra awards from last 2 weeks)

Children a can bring along between $5-10 in coins (in a named zip-locked bag) and all proceeds will be donated to flood relief charities.



This week, DET Area office sent me a list of 109 students who were at risk of chronic absence. We have been monitoring the list and absences however the list has significantly increased, with a several in the ‘Severely Chronically Absent’ category.

We understand illness and family holidays at times is a contributor. Please submit the reasons on Sentral when your child is absent, so we have a full, clear picture when we analyse the attendance data. As always, we want students here as much as possible. 



If your child/ren are not returning to Wallington in 2023 (other than graduating Grade 6s) please let the school know in writing asap (wallington.ps@education.vic.gov.au)


Pupil Free Day Notification

Please pencil in the following student free days into your diaries:

  • Monday 19th December
  • Tuesday 20th December

These days will be used for 2023 planning and professional learning.


Every Day Counts
Attendance fact sheet for primary school students:
School is better when you’re here

Do I have to go to school?

Yes, in Victoria everyone aged from 6 – 17 has to go to school.

  • Missing one day a fortnight is the same as missing 4 whole weeks of school a year.
  • From Foundation to Year 12 that adds up to 1.5 years of school!

School is better when you attend. Your friends and your teachers notice that you are away and wonder if you are OK.

Why is it important that I go to school every day?

Right now, being at school is the most important thing you need to do for your future. School helps you build good habits for later on in life. You might think school is just about Maths and English but you’re also learning about how to work with other people and how to solve problems.

Being at school every day also means you are becoming more independent as a learner and interacting with your friends and teachers.  If you are at school, you can get help from your teachers and friends and won’t have to try to learn things in your own time.

Being an adult probably seems far away but we know that young people who attend school more frequently have better outcomes after school too. This means they earn more money, have better job opportunities and are generally healthier. So being at school really does make a difference!

Do my parents need to let the school know if I’m going to be away?

Yes. Your parents need to notify the school of your absence as soon as they can within three days of your absence.  If they know you are going to be away, they should try to tell the school before the day or days you are away.

If you’re away from school too much and don’t have a reasonable excuse like a serious illness, your parents might get a letter from the principal asking about why you’re away.

Are there any good reasons to be away from school?

No. Unless you are so sick you can’t get out of bed or there is an event like a funeral, you should be at school. Every day you are away is a day of classes and social connection you miss out on.  Taking a day off for your birthday or go shopping isn’t a good reason to miss school.

Even medical and health appointments should be made either before or after school or during the school holidays. This includes family holidays. Your parents are encouraged not to plan holidays during the term but to organise these during the school holidays.

If you do have to be away for some reason, your parents need to contact the school and let them know what’s going on. Depending on the situation, the school might provide schoolwork for you to complete.

If I’m not at school what do I miss out on?

You miss out on all the big stuff – class discussions and all the interaction that happens in a classroom, the chance to get help from teachers and the opportunity to practice skills and gain knowledge.

Being away means you might miss out on a lot of learning or that you need to catch up in your time.

If all of that isn’t enough to convince you to be at school every day, being away also means you also miss out on playing with your friends. Being away from school a lot can be lonely. It has a big impact on relationships and social connections.

Believe it or not, everyone wants you at school and it really is better when you attend.

What if I’m having problems getting to school?

Getting to school on time everyday can be about having a good routine.

If you find yourself running late or missing school because you’re disorganised, try:

  • Asking your parents for help getting ready
  • Having a set time to go to bed
  • Leaving all technology out of your bedroom
  • Packing your school bag the night before with everything you need
  • Having a set time for breakfast
  • Planning to meet up with a friend so you can travel to school together.

Sometimes, though it can just be hard to go to school.

You might feel overwhelmed by the work or things might be tough with your friends. Maybe you don’t feel safe at school or you really dislike a teacher or things at home aren’t great. Perhaps you’re feeling down or anxious and don’t even really know why.

Whatever the situation is, staying away from school isn’t the answer. Many people want to help you. Try talking to:

  • Your parents or another adult family member
  • A trusted teacher
  • Wellbeing Coordinator or the school counsellor
  • Another trusted adult like your coach

Parents and Friends

Friday 4th November             P&F November meeting 9am hall
Friday 11th November           Wallington Family Disco Club Italia
Tuesday 29th November        Special Lunch Sushi & Dumplings
Monday 5th December           Colour Run
Friday 9th December              Christmas Family Picnic

P&F Christmas Appeal 2022

This year P&F will be collecting for McKillop Family Services Christmas Gift Appeal.  Boxes are at the office to collect items.  The collection will run until Friday 2nd December.  For a list of suggested items to be donated, please CLICK HERE.

Special Lunch Groove Cafe

Orders are open on QKR for this terms special lunch on Tuesday 29th November.  On offer are 4 lunch packs which include a drink and either sushi or dumplings from Groove Café.  Orders must be placed by Friday 18th November.  There will be strictly no late orders or changes to orders.
Please CLICK HERE for flyer.
If your child has allergy requirements you are welcome to drop a comparable lunch at the office on the day to be distributed at the same time as the other lunches.

Christmas Family Picnic

On Friday 9th December 2022 we will be having the annual Wallington Family Christmas Picnic.  From 5pm on the oval, BYO picnic dinner and drinks and icypoles will be supplied for the kids.  Please leave a wrapped BOOK ONLY (strictly no toys), max value $10 with your child’s name on it at the office by Thursday 8th December to be handed out by Santa on the night. You are also welcome to leave books for siblings or other children in attendance.

Next Meeting

Will be on Friday 4th November 9am School Hall.
We would love for more parents to come along to our meetings. Meetings are aimed to be kept no longer than 1 hour in duration.
You can keep up to date with our news and information by following us on facebook “WALLINGTON PS PARENTS AND FRIENDS”

Notice Board

Children's Fair

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday 4th of November) is the Children's Fair.  Funds raised by the Fair will be going to the Victorian Flood Victims.
This is a fair run by the children for the children throughout the school day. Each class runs a stall, where students are rostered on to work and then use their spare time to visit other stalls. This is run by the children and there are no parents required on the day.
Please send your child/children with $5 - $10 in coins and in a named zip lock bag, purse or wallet. Students are able to wear casual clothes on this day, but please ensure shoulders are covered, enclosed shoes are worn, and students have their Wallington hats. Normal recess and lunch foods are to be brought on the day.
We are also running Wallington Idol this year as part of the Children's Fair where students can perform their talents. Auditions will be held next week at lunchtimes in the hall. It is free to enter and the winner will perform at assembly (starting at 2:40pm) on the afternoon of Friday the 4th of November.

Swimming P-4

A reminder that swimming permissions and payments are now overdue.  Statements have been emailed to families.  Please return all permissions and payments if you have not done so already.

In Preparation for Swimming......

In preparation for swimming it is important that students start, if not already, practicing dressing themselves independently. Ear infections can also become a problem if students have not been swimming for a long period of time. Germs that live in the ear can be stirred by the water and can cause infections. As a preventatlive measure, wearing swimming plugs and using swimming ear drops may help. It is a good idea to have any student new to swimming to practice using their goggles in the bath and to get use to getting their face wet in the shower prior to swimming.
Students must be in full school uniform at school, with their bathers under their uniform. This allows   for a quick change once at the pool. Please remember to pack your named clothes  (underwear,  towel, goggles etc) in a named dry plastic bag for wet gear.
Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the Swimming Information/Permission Notice.

Whole School House Sports

A note for your diaries........the whole house school sports will be held on Friday 2nd December, 2022 at Barwon Heads Village Park.

Ribbon Wanted

The 3/4's are after some ribbon for this term. If you have any ribbon at home can you please donate it to the 3/4 teachers or hand it into the office. 
Much appractiated,
3/4 Teachers and Students

Art Gallery

Year 3/4  - Negative/Positive Collages

Covering a square card with layers of patterned paper and different shapes created a very busy background.  Students then created a symmetrical shape on black paper, by folding A4 paper in half.  Once the black paper was glued on, the collage showed negative/positive space. 

Well done 3/4s!

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep/1 T



For being a very friendly member of Prep/One T. You are always willing to compromise and get along with others.  Well Done Raf!

Prep/1 M



For being a happy and friendly class member of the Prep/One M classroom. It is great to see that you work really well in groups.  Well done Floyd!

Prep/1 F



For always working well with other students when you are completing tasks in pairs and groups. You are able to communicate clearly with your partners and work through any problems. Well done!

2 T



For always being willing to help,  join in or change groups when a volunteer is needed.  What a superstar!

2 O



For always being a happy, friendly member of 2O. You are so kind and caring and always go out of your way to get along and include others. Well done Johnny, you are a superstar!

3/4 V



For setting an example of how to be a kind and friendly classroom member. You work well with others and share ideas to help your peers. Great stuff Poppy.

3/4 BR



For trying hard to compromise and to get along with your peers within the classroom. You are working hard on making good choices. Keep it up.

3/4 M



For being such a kind and caring member of 3/4M. You always think about others and how they are feeling, making sure your friends are okay. Well done Pippa :)

5/6 S



For being able to compromise with your peers. You always offer great suggestions to ensure everyone’s ideas are included. Well done Mav.

5/6 B




For consistently working well with anyone you are paired with and always suggesting a compromise to things that may arise in the classroom and outside. Well done Chad, you are a great role model!