Wallington P.S. Newsletter

Term 1 - Week 5 - 2023

Principal News

Last week we had a very productive meeting and the planning for this years Strawberry Fair is well underway! There are plenty of opportunities for parents to still be involved and to volunteer to help. Going home tomorrow will be a Families Guide to the Fair (both electronically and hard copy). This guide has an outline of how you may be able to help in the lead up and as well as on the weekend so please make sure you have a read! The success of the Fair depends on the school community pitching in to do their bit so any help you can give will be\ appreciated.


Berry Street Positive Education Model

Next Friday 10th March is a curriculum day (no students required at school) and all staff will be undertaking day 3 of the Berry Street training. Below is a great little video which explains more about the program,



Sounds Write

This year we are introducing 'Sounds Write' in the Foundation to Grade Two area. It is a linguistic phonic program based on the sounds in speech. It will complement our current reading and writing programs. It is an evidenced based and highly recommended and effective program which will boost the students reading and writing.



Friday 3rd March @ 2:50pm, outdoors on the oval outside the hall (weather permitting). Our 3/4 KT class will be presenting assembly on Friday. All welcome.

School Council Elections

Each year schools conduct elections for School Council membership. We will have 4 vacant positions for Parents and 1 for Education Department employees.

Nomination forms can be collected from the General office. Our timeline is as follows:

23/2      Notice of election and call for nominations.
1/3        Closing date for nominations. (4pm)
3/3        List of candidates and nominators posted.
5/3        Ballot papers prepared and distributed (if required).
13/3      Close of ballot.


Orchard Crescent Parking

Please be aware there is limited parking in this area and all cars should be completely off the road. Please also take special care to keep an eye out for children crossing the road. Children must be accompanied by an adult when leaving the grounds.  


Balancing Online Time

Playing games online is great fun but you to need to make sure that your online world does not take over your life. With more and more mobile devices on the market, it is easy and tempting to stay connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but it is also very important to know how and when to disconnect.

How much is too much?

This is a good question and varies from person to person with different impacts. It’s important to be aware of how your time online may be affecting your friendships, your family and your schoolwork, especially if it’s keeping you up at night. If any of these areas of your life are becoming problematic, then it is likely that you need to cut back in the amount of time you spend online.

Why is it a problem?

Spending excessive amounts of time online can have significant impacts on your health, family and social life and on your academic performance at school.

How do I know if I have a problem?

The following indicators may be signs that you spend too much time on the internet:

  • Ongoing headaches, eye strain and sleep disturbance
  • Online activities interfering with your health and wellbeing, schoolwork and relationships.
  • Constantly talking about online programs, such as a gaming site.
  • Withdrawal from your ‘real world’ friends and activities attributing more importance to your online activities and contacts than anything else.
  • Decline in your academic performance at school.

Where to Get Help




Parents and Friends


Friday 3rd March            P&F Meeting 9am Hall

Thursday 9th March        Family & Friends Disco Tickets on SALE!

Friday 31st March           Family & Friends Disco


Tesselaar Bulb Fundraiser 

Flyers have been sent out this week.  Order anytime up to Saturday 1st of April via


This year we would like to add to the tulip bed in the centre garden. If any families would like to donate a bulb (preferably some Ranunculus) to our garden it would be greatly appreciated.


Mothers Day Stall

We are searching for handmade and/or business' with items that we can sell in the Mother's Day Stall. Our Focus is to support our local community. Please contact Briana or Leesa by the end of next week if you have any items

Briannarandall81@gmail.com or Leesa.hayward@hotmail.com


Stay up to Date



Next Meeting

Will be on Friday 3rd March 9am in the hall.

Positive Behaviour Awards

Prep T



For always lining up on your dot every morning before the bell.  You are always organised and ready to learn.  Congratulations Mialea!

Prep M



For always being on time and organised in the morning. You are a responsible learner who is always prepared for your next lesson. Great work Zahra!

1/2 S



For always being extremely organised in the classroom. You always listen to the instructions and get ready for the upcoming lesson. Well done on all of your great work.

1/2 M



For always being on time, organised and ready to learn in all activities, taking responsibility for your own learning. You are a responsible class member and a great role model to your peers. Well done Indiana.

1/2 B



For always being on time, organised and ready to learn. You take responsibility for your own learning and you’re always willing to help others. Well done George. Keep up the great work!

3/4 KT



For always being organised, on time and ready to learn in all aspects, taking responsibility for your own learning and others as well. You are a role model to your peers and always set the standard for our classroom. Well done Kailey!

3/4 D



For always being on time, organised and ready to learn. You make the most of your learning time. You are a star student!


3/4 C



For always being organised, on time and excited to jump in to learning. You always try your hardest and are a great role model in our classroom. Keep up the wonderful work!

5/6 T



For always having your classroom resources neat and organised. Your books are presented beautifully and you contribute to all of our classroom discussions. Keep up the positive attitude Pippa!


5/6 O



For always being on time, organised and ready to learn in all activities. You always take responsibility for your own learning and try your best. Well done Ryan, you are a great role model!

Notice Board

ART Room Request - Newspaper and Yarn

If you have any spare newspapers at home/work that need culling, could you please donate them to the Art Room.  Also, any wool/yarn donations would be much appreciated.

Camps, Sports & Excursion Fund (CSEF) Information/Applications

Applications are now open for parents and carers who are eligible to apply for the CSEF.  If you are a holder of a concession card and fit the criteria listed (CLICK HERE), please submit your application form (CLICK HERE) by the end of term 1 2023.  If you were eligible and received the CSEF last year and there has been no change to your circumstances, there is no need to submit an application this year.  For any questions please check with the office or send us an email at: wallington.ps@education.vic.gov.au