Principal's Message


Wallington is a small school situated in a rural setting. It is approximately 6 km from Ocean Grove to our south and 7 km from Leopold to our west. The school provides a focal point for the local community and we enjoy a wide range of community participation at the school. There has been a school on the site since 1868 so we have a long tradition of community involvement.

The community of Wallington is largely made up of ‘small acreage allotments’, designed for a low density population. This factor creates a fairly stable enrolment for the school. However, the size, rural aspect, magnificent environment and positive reputation of the school have attracted many students from a wider area. Many pass by other government schools to attend Wallington P.S

The school comprises of a modern main administration area and classrooms. The addition of a new Multi- Purpose Room, Arts Centre and kitchen facility has provided the school with a space that is open and flexible and can be used by classes for a wide range of learning activities. The flexibility is enhanced with the building allowing for the combining of the indoor and outdoor learning areas.

The playground is spacious and provides our students with sufficient area to stimulate their imaginations in a safe environment. Incorporated in the playground is a passive area where children who want a quiet area to play can go. The school also has a large oval that is used for sporting events such as cross country, Friday sport, and a range of other activities.

The strengths of the school are many and include such things as a commitment to lifelong learning, the size of the school population, the ability of the staff to work as a team and to support each other through their planning, commitment and willingness to embrace new ideas and methods, the family atmosphere that exists in the school and the development of innovative programs which challenge and engage students in their learning. A major focus of the program is the delivery of a “differentiated” curriculum to ensure that all students are catered for and supported in their learning at Wallington Primary School.

The small student population allows us to provide many activities that involve the whole school. Theme days, Special Events such as the Children’s Fair, Science Days etc. highlight the inclusive culture of the school. These days provide the students with the opportunity to work in multi age groupings and to interact with other teachers.


Priorities of the school are:

  • High expectations of all students
  • Strong literacy and numeracy skills
  • Early intervention programs in reading and mathematics, when needed, to give students the best possible chance of succeeding in their education
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Leadership development
  • Extra curricula activities such as instrumental music, debating, camping program to name a few

The Values of the School are:

  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility  

These values support us in our belief that all students can learn and that we must always strive for continuous improvement in everything that we do. If we can achieve this then we will have students who enjoying learning, being positively involved in their school, are becoming independent, lifelong learners and effective members of the school and wider community. 

Wallington Primary School is the “Home of the Strawberry Fair”. This well-known fundraising event provides the school with additional funds to put towards vital programs in the school such as ICT equipment, specialist programs, and other equipment for the school. The Strawberry Fair is run by the parents and it is our hope that all parents get involved in the running of the day is some shape or form.

Wallington Primary School is a vibrant and proactive school that caters for the social, emotional and academic needs of the students. The staff at the school are passionate about their students and work with the parents and the student to provide a positive learning environment.

The best way to see the school is to ring and make a time for a tour and see the school in action.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Mr Glen Lauder